The Roots of Brazilian Samba

Date:  November 5, 2012

Time:  3:30 am - 5 am

Summary:  The Roots of Brazilian Samba: A lecture and demonstration featuring musician Oseiku DaniEl Díaz, and dancer Iara Calheira Kendrick in collaboration with the WSSU Brazil/FIPSE Exchange Program: Main Dining Room, Anderson Center.


Percussionist Oseiku DaniEl Díaz and dancer Iara Calheira Kendrick, an educator and native of Brazil, will provide an overview of Brazilian history as well as various forms of music and dance.  Díaz will demonstrate a few styles of Samba with various instruments along with the history of each.  Iara will demonstrate some moves symbolic of various Orixas (Yoruba Gods and Goddesses) leading to the modern day Samba danced in Brazil and around the globe.

Categories:  Performance Art, Arts and Events, Performing Arts: Music, Lectures and Readings, Performing Arts: Dance

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