WSSU Students in Africa

WSSU Students in Africa

Over the summer three master’s of science in Occupational Therapy students (OTS) in WSSU’s School of Health Sciences here at WSSU traveled this summer abroad to Livingstone, Zambia and attend the 10th International Consortium for International Management, Policy, Administration, and Development (CIMPAD) Conference.

The students were Samantha Bivins of Winston-Salem; Darius McLean of Laurinburg, NC; and Vivian Kwabia of Raleigh, NC. Kwabia, originally from Ghana, acted as an interpreter at times during the trip.

While in Zambia, they met with Ms. Eckiwe Kamanga an occupational therapist, who practices at Livingstone General Hospital in Zambia. She is one of only six occupational therapists in that country. She took them on a tour of the hospital, which allowed the WSSU students to see first hand how healthcare services, including OT, are delivered abroad.

“This international experience provided an excellent opportunity for our students to engage and expand their learning about international health as well as understand cultural influences related to patient care,” said Dorothy Bethea, chair of the WSSU Department of Occupational Therapy.

Occupational Therapy in Africa

“We are honored that Darius, Vivian and Samantha represented both Occupational Therapy and WSSU in such a professional and eloquent manner, both with their conference presentation on falls prevention research and with community engagement. Due to this visit, the Livingstone Hospital administrator has expressed an interest in developing ongoing relations with our students and the School of Health Sciences. This shows the richness of what can be achieved with our commitment to globalization,” Bethea concluded.

Prior to leaving for the conference, the students learned that Kamanga was in need of a paraffin bath and other occupational therapy supplies for the rehab department at the hospital.

Bethea, encouraged her students to write Patterson Medical, a local medical supply company, to see if they would be able to assist in donating a paraffin bath, a piece of medical equipment that provides a heat treatment to joints of the body. Patterson Medical complied with the request and donated the paraffin bath and paraffin, which was delivered during their visit in Zambia.

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