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Featured Stories

Student Success: From ‘Cookbook’ to Inquiry

Instead of a 'cookbook' lab, where students follow directions in a manual, students at WSSU create their own manual, devise experiments and collect data as they would in a true research lab. A grant program from WSSU's Office of Science Initiatives is supporting the curriculum update.

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Academic Excellence: MBA Students Making Impact

WSSU MBA students are gaining hands-on experience and also making an impact in the community through a newly redesigned course that pairs students with community organizations.

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Community Engagement: Legal LIT-eracy

New program – known as WSSU Elite Lawyers In Training, or WE LIT – has WSSU’s legal counsel mentoring students considering law school.

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Culture and Pride: Breaking the Science Gender Barrier

Three female WSSU sophomores are ready to break down the barriers, and a unique mentorship program is helping them reach their goals.

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