Cross Cultural Competence for Health Related Professions Certificate

Program Overview

The Cross Cultural Competence for Health-Related Professions certificate program is designed to equip allied health and related-health professionals with cultural competence strategies and skills enabling them to effectively serve diverse and multi-ethnic populations in healthcare settings. This program will benefit health care providers who are interested in receiving continuing education to enhance their ability to work and interact with culturally diverse clients and directly impact health care outcomes.

The 12 credit (4 courses) post-baccalaureate certificate program is offered online by the Department of Occupational Therapy.

Program Goal:

The goal of the Cross Cultural Competence for Health Related Professions Certificate is to prepare allied health and other health related professions with culturally relevant knowledge, attitudes and strategies that enhance their ability to more effectively provide quality healthcare.

Educational Objectives:

  1. To increase self-awareness and gain an appreciation of the importance of culture and ethnicity as a core part of individual identity
  2. To provide education on cultural competent models of practice and the role of culture in health care environments
  3. To enhance effective cross cultural communication for sustaining professional partnerships for health
  4. To develop a basic Spanish vocabulary to communicate and relate to the Latino patient/client/caregiver population
  5. To apply intercultural strategies that foster cultural competent health care services in diverse settings and with diverse populations
  6. To employ skills and cultural learning through the planning and implementing of outreach experiences designed to meet the needs of a cultural group.

The Cross Cultural Competence Certificate Program is offered through the Department of Occupational Therapy

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