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Student Grievance and Appeals Procedures (by State)

Alabama (Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education - Office of Private School Licensing Division) - Complaints for out of state institutions are referred to the licensing agency (ADPE) for response. For in-state institutions, contacts are posted to the ACHE website.

Arkansas (Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education) - If a student believes that their rights have been violated, we always suggest they first, seek to resolve the problem by following the schools complaint process. Next, meet with the School Administrator and discuss their concerns with him/her. If the problem is not solved at the school level, the student may then contact us at (501) 683-8000.

Delaware (Delaware Department of Education) - no information provided at this time

Georgia (Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission) -  no information provided at this time

Hawaii (Hawaii Department of Education) - no information provided at this time

Idaho (Idaho Board of Education) - Complaint process described in Admin Rule (July 1, 2011) section 500. Forms and instructions available upon request from the State Coordinator for Private Colleges & Proprietary Schools. Office of the (Idaho) State Board of Education.

Illinois (Illinois Board of Higher Education) - Institutional Complaint Hotline: (217) 557-7359 The Board receives general information email at info@ibhe.org. Students seeking to register a complaint about an institution are required to submit the complaint in writing. Complaint processing as relates to maintenance of institutional approvals is described in 23 Illinois Administrative Rules Sections 1030.70 and 1030.80.

Kentucky (Kentucky State Board for Proprietary Education) - no information provided at this time

Louisiana (Louisiana Board of Regents) - no information provided at this time

Maine (Maine Department of Education, Office of Higher Education Services) - Please see: 05-071- DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, Chapter 147. 9. Complaints: Procession of Complaints

Maryland (Maryland Higher Education Commission) - no information provided at this time

Mississippi (Commission on Proprietary School and College Registration) - Complaints must be submitted in writing to the commission by a person with standing. The letter should be addressed to Marilyn Gardner, Proprietary Schools Specialist, Commission on Proprietary School and College Registration, Phone: 601-432-6340, email: mgardner@mscjc.edu.

Montana (Montana University System, Montana Board of Regents) - no information provided at this time

New Jersey (New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development) - no information provided at this time

New Jersey (New Jersey Department of Education) -  no information provided at this time

New York (Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision, New York State Education Department) - All written complaints must be investigated. Students are asked to complete a Student Complaint Form (http://www.acces.nysed.gov/bpss/students/documents/ComplaintForm.pdf ), and each complaint is assigned to a specific investigator.

North Carolina (The University of North Carolina Board of Governors) - If the complaint cannot be resolved after exhausting the institution's grievance procedure, the individual may file a complaint with the following office: Post-Secondary Education Complaints, c/o Assistant Director of Licensure and Workforce Studies, University of North Carolina General Administration. 910 Raleigh Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514, telephone (919) 962-4558, student complaint@north carolina edu General north carolina.edu. The individual may contact UNC General Administration for further details.

North Dakota (North Dakota State Board for Career and Technical Education) - Currently complaints are filed with CTE and are then handed to the Attorney General. That policy is currently under review and revision.

Ohio (The Ohio Board of Regents) - The agency does receive student complaints. Students are encouraged to try to resolve their issue through their institution's formal grievance procedures. If the student's issue is not resolved through this process, the agency may then contact the institution on the student's behalf and request that institution work with the student to resolve the issue. If the grievance involves an issue that violates the agency's standards for authorization, the agency would contact the institution to determine the severity of the issue and what agency action would be taken.

Oklahoma (Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education) - Current and prospective student complaints are handled through OSRHE Academic Affairs Office by reviewing the circumstances of the complaint and providing the individual with contact information for the most appropriate campus office with the authority to resolve the complaint. If the individual has exhausted the process for review and appeal at the institution and believe the complaint is unresolved, OSRHE staff requests permission to contact the institution on their behalf to identify any possible resolution. OSRHE staff remains in contact with the student to determine if their issue has been resolved or adequately addressed.

Oklahoma (Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education) - no information provided at this time

Oklahoma (The Oklahoma Board of Private Schools) - no information provided at this time

Oregan (Office of Degree Authorization) - All complaints about schools under our regulatory jurisdiction or an exempt status approved by this office are handled by ODA staff. Complaints about exempt schools are referred to the Attorney General's office.

Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Council on Education) - For IHEs': Chapter XIII at  Commonwealth Document I. For other non-degree voc/tech and K-12: - Article 3.4 at  Commonwealth Document II.

Rhode Island (Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education) -
RIBGHE is developing a formal complaint process for publics and independents.

Texas (Texas Workforce Commission) - Currently under review.

Washington (Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board) - Students may submit a formal complaint to the HECB, provided it is against an institution authorized by the HECB and is within one year of the last date of attendance.

Wisconsin (Wisconsin Educational Approval Board) - no information provided at this time

Wyoming (Wyoming Department of Education) - no information provided at this time

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