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The Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling (MSRC) Program provides students with the opportunity to earn a master's degree in rehabilitation counseling and be eligible to sit for the national Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) examination. Candidates may also pursue the state Professional Counselor licensure (LPC). Employees of state vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies, non-traditional students, students with disabilities, and students from underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply. The MSRC Program is offered in two formats: on-campus and distance learning. The distance learning format includes a combination of on-line and on-campus courses.


The Mission of the Rehabilitation Counseling Program (MSRC) is to advance the program candidates' knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to work with persons who have physical, mental or emotional disabilities.

Career Opportunities

Rehabilitation counselors work in diverse settings: State and federal departments of rehabilitation services, independent living centers, special education/transition programs, psychiatric rehabilitation programs, developmental disability programs, substance abuse programs, hospitals, disability management programs in business and industry, and other agencies in both the private and public sectors.

Rehabilitation counselors assist individuals who, because of disabilities, are unable to obtain competitive employment and/or achieving independent living goals. Rehabilitation counselors have a multifaceted role that includes vocational services, case management, job development, and placement counseling. For additional information about the rehabilitation profession visit the National Clearinghouse of Rehbiltiation Counseling Training Materials.

The Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE), the accrediting body for graduate level rehabilitation counseling programs, has fully accredited WSSU's MSRC through 2018.

Admission priority will be given to applicants who currently work as rehabilitation counselors, work in the field of rehabilitative services, or plan to seek employment as rehabilitation counselors.

Curriculum Requirements

The MSRC Program requires the successful completion of 60 hours of graduate course work. If an applicant is admitted to the Distance Learning (DL) program, the program must be completed through DL. Accepted candidates may not switch between the DL and the on-campus programs.

In the event that accepted candidates may need to switch programs for substantive reasons, it will be necessary that a formal written request, with explanation for the change, be submitted to the program coordinator. If permission is granted, written notification will be provided to the candidate by the program coordinator. Request for switching programs can only be submitted once during the duration of the program.

Program Requirements

Admission Requirements for On-Campus and Distance Learning Concentration:

To be eligible for acceptance into the Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling (MSRC) Program, the applicant must have:

▪   A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university

▪   An acceptable Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score within the last five years

▪   A cumulative minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.7

▪   An acceptable interview with graduate faculty, faculty from the Rehabilitation Counseling program, and representatives of public, community, or private rehabilitation agency.

▪   Nonrefundable application processing fee

▪   Three professional references

▪   Two sets of official transcripts from each college and university previously mentioned

▪   Resume

Application Deadline

Admission application deadline for Fall (August) enrollment is April 15.
Admission application deadline for Spring (January) enrollment is November 15.
Admission application deadline for Summer (May) enrollment is April 1.

Transfer Credits

In accordance with the policy of Graduate Studies at Winston-Salem State University and the national accreditation standards for MSRC Program, applicants may be allowed to transfer up to nine (9) credit hours from an accredited graduate school program. Courses from undergraduate programs are not accepted for transfer into the MRC Program.

Degree Requirements:

▪   Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA in the program to remain in good academic standing.

▪   Student may be subject to dismissal from the program if they receive more than two grades of C, an F, or a U.

▪   Students must complete a comprehensive examination (National Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Exam, CRC) and a thesis or capstone project.

Program Data:

Most recent performance indicators include an enrollment of over 60 RCP students in the Spring of 2012, 18 graduates in the Fall 2010- Spring 2011 academic year, and student achievement that is consistent with the academic policies of WSSU. The program admits every semester fall, spring and summer. Student outcomes are evaluated every year on variety of different measures that are part of the overall program evaluation. The program has three full time faculty and four adjunct faculty who teach in MSRC curriculum. The fulltime instructor to fulltime student ratio is 1:10. During 2010-2011 academic year, 72% percent of students passed the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) exam on first attempt. Between 90 % and 100 % of our graduates continue to find employment within three to six months after graduating, which is consistent with program goals and objectives. Since 2009, we have had approximately 14 students to pursue state counseling licensure (LPC). The North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors accepts the CRC exam to become licensed in North Carolina as professional counselor (LPC). Ninety percent of the enrolled in spring 2012 came from underrepresented groups, including persons with disabilities. The MSRC program has a total of three RSA training grants that generate total of $440,000 each year in student support in the form of tuition and scholarships.

Data for Fall 2010-Spring 2011 Graduates

Types of Agencies Graduates Are Employed

Number of Graduates Employed with Agencies

State Vocational Rehabilitation – includes VR and Division for Blind Services

9 (50%)

Veteran Affairs

3 (17%)

Community Rehabilitation (e.g. Goodwill)

1 (5.5%)

State Agencies includes Mental Health & Corrections or Substance Abuse

1 (5.5%)

K-12 Setting (transition/special education)

1 (5.5%)

Other (employed in non-rehabilitation setting)

1 (5.5%)


1 (5.5%)




Time Limits for Completion

The Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling curriculum may be completed in a minimum of two (2) years of full-time study (at least 9-15 credit hours per semester) and one 10- week summer session (6 credit hours total).

Professional Work Requirements

In addition to completing the coursework for obtaining a MSRC degree, students are also required to complete a 100 clock-hour practicum and a 600 clock-hour internship in an approved internship site under University supervision.

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