Honors Program


According to the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC), honors education is a general term that covers a wide variety of courses, teaching styles and educational objectives.  The essence of honors education is personal attention, top faculty, enlightening seminars, illuminating study-abroad experiences, numerous research opportunities, and career-building internships --- all designed to enhance honors students' educational experience and prepare them for graduate studies or a career.  The central goal of honors education is academic enrichment.  The ways to this goal are defined by the specific institutional context, the faculty teaching the program and the needs of the particular students.  One of the great strengths of honors education is that it offers a nurturing, supportive environment in which students can develop and grow.  Honors education recognizes that much of the students' education occurs beyond the walls of the classroom.  Their ideas are shaped by their experiences.  As such, students are encouraged to participate in traditional and non-traditional learning --- including an array of travel, social, academic, cultural and recreational activities. 


Mission Statement

The Honors Program at Winston-Salem State University offers academically talented students a well-rounded education that combines academic studies with cultural enrichment and service to the community. The Honors Program ensures that scholars have a relevant, challenging, rewarding experience. It promotes a lifelong, disciplined approach to knowledge and scholarship through inquiry and exploration. Through quality educational experiences, co-curricular activities, an intensive curriculum and a variety of professional development and leadership opportunities, students in the Honors Program at WSSU receive the best education possible while preparing for graduate studies or a career.

The WSSU Honors Program is an interdisciplinary, institutional undergraduate program that includes both curricular and co-curricular components, as well as a variety of experiential learning initiatives.  Honors courses and events are tailored to the specific needs of highly motivated students while special honors programs and activities are designed to ensure the success of the honors participants.  Some of the unique features of the Honors Program include the following:

• Student Honors Organization (SHO)
• "Building Bridges" Undergraduate Research Program
• Volunteer Service Projects
• Leadership Development Activities
• Professional Development Activities
• Social Enhancement Activities
• Honors Conferences
• Honors Courses
• Honors Housing

· continuing honors students (Rams Commons Residence Hall)
· freshman honors students (Martin-Schexnider Residence Hall)

• Internships, Research Programs, Study Abroad Experiences and/or Co-op Opportunities

Additional benefits and rewards include the following:

• Open access to the Honors Computer Lab and Resource Library
• Priority Registration for classes
• Special medallions for active honors graduates
• Special attendance at select university-related events
  (e.g., Friends of the Library Annual Fundraiser, Donor Luncheon, Annual Golf Classic, etc.,)
• Articles published in scholarly newsletters and journals

Lamp of Learning

Lamp of Learning

The "Lamp of Learning," borrowed from Greek and Roman traditions, is the hallmark of the Honors Program. The scholars who are a part of the Honors Program contribute significantly to the rich legacy of Winston-Salem State University. These champions of education are intrinsically motivated students and socially responsible members of their communities.