Honors Program Participants

Honors Courses

Honors courses foster intellectual self-sufficiency, promote self-reflection and emphasize independent thought for "scholars in training."  They allow richer exploration of focused topics and emphasize active learning through creative teaching strategies. Honors courses include wide-ranging topics with a focus on integrating topics for holistic learning.  As such, they are ideal for the university's academically gifted students. 

HON 1106 --- Freshman Honors Colloquium                                

The colloquium at the freshman level concentrates on helping students make a successful transition into higher education.  This course focuses on developing and nurturing students as scholars and leaders, establishing healthy interpersonal and professional relationships, and achieving academic excellence.  This course also provides a variety of service learning and professional development opportunities for students.

HON 1300 --- Honors Inquiry-Based Freshman Seminar 

The seminar is designed to introduce freshmen to the skills and tools needed to engage in the research process, to understand how scholars investigate and acquire new knowledge, and to conduct independent research.  A variety of strategies will be used to help students develop critical thinking, critical reading, and effective communication skills. Students will also be introduced to research tools and methods, and individual student research work will result in a final research paper

HON 2106 --- Sophomore Honors Colloquium                 

The colloquium at the sophomore level concentrates on broadening students' awareness by exploring pertinent contemporary issues of the local community that have national and international implications. This course consists of lectures, assigned readings, group projects, and student papers directed toward a central theme.  Investigations of solutions to past problems are conducted to lead to more accurate perspectives of contemporary multi-revolutions that have occurred in such areas as politics, science, economics, law, anthropology, education, arts, and sociology.

HON 2020 --- Honors Study Abroad in the Discipline                  

These courses allow students to obtain credit for courses through study abroad in an academic discipline/program area that do not exactly fit an existing course in the catalogue, and allow faculty in the discipline/program area the flexibility to grant credit as deemed appropriate based on the content of the course, internship or service experience abroad.

HON 3106-4106 --- Junior/Senior Honors Colloquia                    

The colloquia for students at the junior and senior levels are designed to provide varied experiences that are not incorporated into the regular curriculum. These colloquia emphasize independent study and research on current critical issues in a select field of study (e.g., global awareness and the economy, African American images in the media, etc.). Semester research projects center on professional interests, contemporary issues and ideologies, and recent trends and innovations within the major areas offered by the university.

HON 4300 - Honors Thesis                                                    

This course provides students with the opportunity to be immersed in the research process under the mentorship of a faculty member. In this course, students will complete a deep analysis of some topic related to their major, write a thesis, and present their research to a seminar group of faculty and students. Requirements: This course requires permission from faculty mentor and Honors Program director. Eligibility: Students who wish to undertake an honors thesis project must have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher.

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