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WSSU Study Abroad Programs

WSSU Ghana and Benin Summer Program  The 4-week WSSU Summer Program in Ghana and Benin, in collaboration with the University of Cape Coast (UCC) in Ghana, is designed to expose students to the political, economic, social and cultural realities of contemporary Africa in general, and West Africa in particular. In depth and field-based understanding of these issues will be located within the context of the historical legacy of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and of British (Ghana) and French (Benin) colonialism in Africa. The program is interdisciplinary in nature and open to sophomore, junior and senior WSSU students from all schools and departments, with a particular emphasis on the social sciences and humanities, education, and health sciences.

WSSU Kenya and Tanzania Summer Program is an interdisciplinary program designed to promote knowledge and understanding of East Africa in a global context. The program aims to expose students to the cultural, political, economic and linguistic diversity in East Africa. Students will also experience the richness and diversity of Kiswahili language and culture. The program is open to students in all WSSU schools and departments, with a particular emphasis on the humanities and social sciences, education, business and economics, and health sciences.

Brazil "Legacies of the African Diaspora in Brazil and the U.S.: Persistent Inequalities"  Summer opportunities also exist for the WSSU Exchange Program in Brazil. This is a WSSU intensive Portuguese language summer program in Brazil.  A minimum of two semesters of Portuguese language study is required. Students pay their usual WSSU tuition and fees here. Students are given a scholarship for airfare, room, and board.

WSSU Honors College Summer Spanish Language Immersion Program in Querétaro, Mexico  This WSSU faculty-led program allows intermediate or higher level Spanish language students the opportunity to utilize and further hone their language skills while experiencing the culture of Mexico. 

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