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What is academic probation?

Academic probation is the condition that allows students to continue their enrollment at Winston-Salem State University after failing to meet minimum academic standards as calculated at the end of each semester and at the end of each summer session (refer to the university Academic Probation and Suspension Policy).

What is expected of me if I am on academic probation?

Students that are placed on academic probation are required to sign an Academic Probation Contract which outlines the guidelines that you are required adhere to.  Additionally, you are required to meet with an Academic Success Counselor on a regular basis.

Why is a probation hold on my account?

When you are placed on academic probation a hold is placed on your Banner Rams Account and will remain there until you sign your Academic Probation Contract.  A hold will also be placed on your account if you fail to keep your regularly scheduled appointments with your Academic Success Counselor.

Should I repeat courses that I received a grade of F?

Yes.  Repeating classes you failed is the quickest way to improve your GPA.

Will being on academic probation affect my financial aid?

Yes.  Check with the Financial Aid Office to determine your eligibility.

How many credit hours am I allowed to register for?

Students that are placed on academic probation can take no more than 13 credit hours during the term of their probation.

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