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  • Keep a copy of your signed agreement handy.  It outlines the four expectations you must meet and the consequences for failing to do so.
  • Check your WSSU e-mail account on a timely basis (daily is recommended).  This is the official source for all university communications and you are responsible for any information shared in e-mail messages.   
  • If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please contact me as promptly as possible.  It is your responsibility to attend your meetings.  Missed appointments will result in a probation hold being placed on your Banner Rams account.
  • Be aware of the Academic Probation and Suspension Policy and Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policies.   Not achieving a certain minimum grade point average will lead to continued academic probation which in turn can result in suspension if academic performance does not improve.  A low GPA will also result in a loss of your financial aid. 
  • Please share any situations or circumstances that take away from your ability to perform well in your classes.  Situations such as family emergencies, illness, or death can affect your ability to concentrate on your classes and consequently lead to poor grades.  Please notify your Academic Success Counselor immediately of these situations so that they may assist you in the appropriate manner. 

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