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Institutional Assessment and Research and the Academic Computer Center coordinate Digital Measures Course Response.

All students enrolled in a course within Banner are invited to complete a Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI) for that course through Digital Measures Course Response. Students receive an email invitation from Digital Measures Course Response and a reminder message every three days unless all evaluations are completed.  Students will also receive a reminder message on the last day to complete the evaluations. Faculty will receive an email at the beginning of each applicable administration period, a reminder halfway through, and a final announcement on the last day of administration.  Once students complete their evaluations, their responses are stored by Digital Measures Course Response. When the evaluation period ends and reporting becomes available, faculty can login to Digital Measures and retrieve reports of confidential, aggregated data for the course(s) they taught.

Best Practices

  • If possible, instructors can schedule time in a computer lab or ask students to bring a mobile device to class to complete their evaluations. This will help improve response rates.
  • Incentives can also be given to help improve response rates. The university has no policy on incentives at this time, and departments/faculty members may use incentives at their discretion.
  • Instructors can login to Digital Measures Course Response during the open period to see what students have completed their evaluations. Please note that names are the only information displayed; instructors cannot see any type of feedback. Viewing respondents gives instructors an opportunity to discuss the importance of course evaluations and follow up with students.
  • Institutional Assessment and Research works with Academic Technologies, the Campus Life Marketing Committee and Marketing and Communications to publicize the survey. Instructors and departments, however, can also distribute the survey link and encourage participation.


Due to logistics, dates will vary each semester. In order to accommodate classes with end dates that fall outside the typical 8- or 16-week window, we will be adding more administration periods beginning in Spring 2015.  When possible, evaluations through Digital Measures Course Response will close before exams begin, and reports will not be available to faculty until after grades are due. Current semester course evaluation dates.

Accessing Results

With each iteration of course evaluations, a "Reporting Available" date is determined. The "Reporting Available" date occurs after student grades are due, and all results are provided in aggregate form to protect students' confidentiality.

For Instructors
When results for a particular iteration are available, instructors will receive an email from Digital Measures ( Instructions on how to review results and run reports.

For Department Chairs
Institutional Assessment and Research works to provide department chairs with access to relevant course evaluation reports after results become available to instructors. These reports are available to department chairs through TracDat* and through department-level accounts in Digital Measures Course Response.

If you are a current chair interested in trying out your department’s account in Digital Measures Course Response, or if you need assistance in accessing your reports in TracDat*, please contact Ginny Moench at 750-8636 or

*If you are logging into TracDat from off campus, then please log into the WSSU network first.


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