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Patricia D. Norris
Director and Chief of Police

Welcome to the Winston-Salem State University Police Home Page. This site is created to provide a source of information about the Winston-Salem State University Police and its activities. Also included are safety and crime prevention tips, crime statistics, information on WSSU policy on certain topics, as well as information on campus resources for dealing with criminal, legal, safety issues and campus emergencies.

Every fall for the past decade, WSSU Police has published the Annual Security Report to provide faculty, staff and students with basic information that can help make experiences safer and more enjoyable.  The Annual Security Report is made available to everyone via our web page and a hard copy can be found in the Public Safety Department's lobby.  The Annual Security Report is just one facet of the Police Department's service-oriented philosophy.

The Police Department promotes the concept that its employees are public-safety service providers and members of the WSSU community are our customers. The department strives to develop partnerships with WSSU faculty,staff, and students. By developing such partnerships we can continue to provide services designed to enhance the personal safety of members of the campus community at the highest level 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The WSSU campus has a pedestrian friendly setting that is relatively crime free. Our community numbers more than 6,000 people with hundreds of visitors coming and going each day.

WSSU Police stand ready to assist the campus community in any way possible. The Police Department is a full law enforcement agency organized under North Carolina General Statute 116. Officers have full law enforcement agency status with powers identical to those of a municipal policy agency on all WSSU property and streets running through and adjacent to the University.

In addition to police operations, the department also provides traffic, parking, events, environmental health and public safety services for the campus. Safety and security at WSSU is a team effort by faculty, staff and students. Faculty, staff and students can assist in keeping the campus safe by avoiding risky behaviors and by reporting suspicious behavior and/or situations to the Police Department.  Please call us whenever you see anything suspicious, if you feel threatened, have a safety concern or simply see a need for expanded police services to meet the community needs.

WSSU Police Department is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at 336-750-2900 or by using any of the emergency call boxes located throughout the campus. Emergency call boxes ease of use gives you a direct line to Campus Police simply by pushing the red emergency button located on the front of the box. The Police Department is located in the Old Maintenance Building on Cromartie Street across from Carolina Hall.

Here's to an enjoyable, productive and safe academic matriculation at Winston-Salem State University.

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