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Guest and Temporary Parking Information

Parking on the Winston-Salem State University campus is strictly controlled. Visitors must utilize available metered parking spaces located throughout campus or obtain a visitor permit from Public Safety and park in designated visitor parking spaces.


Short-term, no re-entry, convenient smart parking for all employees, students, and visitors to the University. Parkers are able to conduct their parking transactions by using their mobile phone to pay for parking, saving time and money. They may initiate parking sessions from the comfort of their vehicle, or while walking to their destination – without ever needing to deal with cash or coins! 

Metered Spaces

Metered parking for short term visitors are located at various locations across campus. Metered space regulations are enforced 24 hours Monday-Friday. After 5:00 pm individuals with a current decal may park in metered spaces without paying. Metered parking can be found in the following areas on campus:

· Lot C - along the row of H/C spaces at W.B. Atkinson.
· Lot G - Off Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in the second parking lot on the left after passing K.R.
  Williams Auditorium
· Lot T - on the front side of Diggs Gallery.
· Lot Z - along the row of H/C spaces at the Anderson Center.
· Traffic Circle - located at the main campus entrance next to R.J. Reynolds building.

Metered parking is $0.25 per 15 minutes up to one hour - these parking spaces are for handicapped and visitor parking only.

Guest Permit

Temporary guest permits are available for individuals that are invited to campus by Faculty, Staff or Students for the sole purpose of conducting official university business. Departments may request permits for guest speakers, lecturers and those attending meetings, seminars, workshops or conferences. Arrangements for such permits should be made with the Department of Public Safety at (336) 750-2905.

Departments may also request groups of parking spaces for guests attending conferences, meetings and seminars. Parking assignments for such groups will be determined by the Department of Public Safety. A $5.00 fee per permit may be charged.

Visitors who are coming to campus as a part of an organized group or event, and who have received parking permits in advance from a WSSU organization or department, should follow the instructions provided with their parking permits.

Lot CC and Lot O are designated for visitors of resident students without a parking permit or pass from 5:00 pm - 7:00 am. Vehicles will be issued a parking citation and towed after designated hours.

Temporary Permits

Temporary permits are available for up to 30 days without a registered vehicle and can be purchased for a fee of $30.00 per month. Temporary permits can be issued to temporary employees, adjunct faculty or vendors. Fees paid for the temporary permits do not apply to the cost of purchasing a permanent permit. All temporary permit holders must park at the Bowman Gray Stadium shuttle lot.

Day passes are available at the cost of $5 per day or $20 per week for students and may be purchased at the Public Safety Department located in the Old Maintenance Building. Individuals who purchase either the $5 day pass or $20 weekly pass must park in the Shuttle Lot located at Bowman Gray Stadium.

Refer to the campus map for appropriate parking locations. Our maps may be obtained at campus entrances or from the office of the Public Safety Department located on Cromartie Street across from Carolina Hall. The Department of Public Safety personnel are available to answer any questions concerning parking issues at (336) 750-2905 or

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