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WSSU Strategic Plan 2010-2015

The Planning Process

This strategic planning process was initiated in January 2009 with a presentation to the faculty and staff outlining the goals, process and timetable for completing the Plan. Chancellor Donald J. Reaves subsequently appointed a group of approximately 40 faculty, staff and students to the Strategic Planning Council and charged them with working with the Robinson Consulting Group and the Executive Steering Committee to complete the Plan in about 120 days.

The strategic planning process involved a variety of techniques and focused dialogue to solicit insight from a broad range of WSSU stakeholders.

Through a series of intense and comprehensive discussions about the economic challenges and strategic issues facing the University, previously documented WSSU vision and mission statements, and strategic plans of our peer institutions, the Strategic Planning Council developed an inspiring and achievable planning framework as depicted in the diagram below.

This planning framework served as the basis for confirming the WSSU vision, mission and core values, as well as the development of both the WSSU goals and the means for measuring success in achieving them. Careful consideration was given to all accreditation and UNC Tomorrow compliance requirements. There was unanimous agreement among those involved that Student Success is the highest and most crucial University priority and that maintaining University Culture and Pride is critical to the University’s drive towards achieving its goals. To achieve the WSSU vision and mission, the University must focus on identifying, targeting, attracting, developing and retaining high-quality faculty, administrators, and staff, all of whom share our core values of scholarship and excellence.

The Planning Process

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