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Emergency Management Division

The mission of the Division of Emergency Management is to support the University's efforts to develop graduates of distinction by protecting our valuable assets from the effects of disasters, whether natural or manmade. 

The division priorities include life safety, incident stabilization, and property preservation with the ultimate goal of "Return to Normal".

Emergency Management Cycle

Emergency Management Cycle

Preparedness - The process of building the EM function and capabilities to respond to or recover from any hazard

Response - Activities that address the immediate effects of the onset of an emergency and help to both reduce casualties and damage, and speed recovery

Recovery - The process of restoring life back to normal

Mitigation - Activities that either prevent the occurrence of or reduce the effects a hazard

Emergency Management General Information

The EOP is a comprehensive, operational document that both guides and governs the University's response and recovery actions during an emergency or disaster.  The EOP is a working document that's reviewed, tested, and updated annually.

The EOC is the University's central point of coordination of plans, actions, and resources during emergency or disaster situations that extend beyond a twelve-hour period.  Under these conditions, any request for assistance would be channeled through the campus EOC.

This is the University’s emergency notification system, used to quickly inform the campus community of a potential threat.  Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to sign up for mobile text and voice notifications.  Visit our RamALERT page for information on how to sign up.

To ensure that our responders, support staff, faculty, and students are prepared for an emergency or disaster, we coordinate a training and exercise program that educates the campus on various risks that threaten us, and actions we can take to reduce the impact of those risks.  If you are interested in training opportunities or participating in campus wide exercise, contact our office for more information.

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