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PDC Research Grant

You may apply this academic year (Spring 2014) for this grant even if you have received a grant earlier in the year. Next year, you may only apply once per academic year. All funds must be spent or submitted for reimbursement by September 15th of the following academic year. 

Research funding can be for up to $4000 in three categories:

· Equipment and Physical Materials (up to $4000)
· Student Workers and Contracted Services (up to $2000)
· Publication Costs (up to $2000)

The PDC will review your application on the following:

· Appropriate Documentation (all forms submitted, in a timely manner)
· Academically appropriate reason for funding (research related to 
  your academic position)

 *All documents are to be submitted online; there is no longer a printed and signed* component. Please do not email any documents, click link below.

PDC Research Application

Research grant funding cannot be used for the following:
Computers, Tablets, or Notebooks
Gift cards or cash

Applying for software adds several more layers to the approval process and may delay awarding of funds. Please contact IT before requesting funds for software. Any software owned by the university already cannot be purchased.

All materials are subject to review by areas outside of the PDC. Please be aware that the PDC can only approve the application and occasionally the committee may find that certain items cannot be funded under university, local, state, or federal guidelines. The PDC will work to assist you with alternatives if possible. Additionally, as all funds are part of a larger grant, the committee may occasionally need to find answers to questions that have not yet be asked in the past. This will add to the time of approval.

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