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PDC Travel Grant Submission Procedure

The PDC is not currently accepting applications.  A notice will be sent when applications are open.

You may apply this academic year for this grant but travel and submission for reimbursement must be complete by September 15.

Appropriate reasons for applying for a travel grant:

· Travel for Conferences
· Travel for Research
· Travel as Guest Lecturer, Guest Artist, or similar

The PDC will review your application on the following:

· Appropriate Documentation (all forms submitted, in a timely manner)
· Academically appropriate reason for traveling (travel related to your 
  academic position)

* All documents are to be submitted online; there is no longer a printed and signed component.
  Please do not email any documents.

PDC Travel Application

Please be aware that the PDC will review applications in the order in which they are received, and as quickly as possible. All funds must be spent or submitted for reimbursement by September 15th of the following academic year. UNC System rules do not allow reimbursement for travel within 35 miles of campus.

When to Apply

While the committee may sometimes be able to approve materials quickly, please allow ample time before your travels to submit your application. For example, if you plan to travel in January, please submit your application in November, knowing that the Professional Development Committee will not be available over winter break. This is the same for applying for travel over the summer; it is recommended that you apply before April 15.

Remember the Professional Development Committee is made up of faculty, and we have the same schedule that you have, that includes classes, midterms, finals, and our own travels.

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