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General Committees

The membership of the Staff Senate shall consist of all employees that are Subject to the Personnel Act (SPA) and Exempt from the Personnel Act (EPA) non-faculty employees, whether permanent full time or permanent part time.

The WSSU Staff Senate meets monthly for one hour unless otherwise announced. Meetings shall be held once a month between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Notice of meetings shall be received by the membership at least three (3) days prior to the meeting.

Staff Senate Committee Descriptions
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Fundraising Committee - Guila Cooper

The Budget Committee will be responsible for budgetary and financial matters, as well as reporting budget status and preparing a budget for the Executive Board. This committee shall also develop policies and procedures for committees of the Senate in compliance with university and state policies, especially regarding fund raising events. This committee is also responsible to ensure that appropriate entities of the university are properly notified. The Budget Committee shall provide information regarding common campus resources that may help alleviate certain budgetary constraints, and other general budgeting and/or information.. 

  Mary Fries    8848

Campus Culture Committee - Chelii Broussard and Tiffany Seawright

The Campus Culture Committee shall provide recommendations to improve the culture on campus. Winston-Salem State University is committed to providing a workplace in which all individuals are treated respectfully and equally. We celebrate diversity that includes, but is not limited to ability/disability, age, culture, ethnicity, gender, language, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status.

Vacant - -

Communications Committee - Tarina A. Whitfield

The Communications Committee shall be responsible for regularly disseminating information of interest to the staff of WSSU. This committee shall develop a Senate newsletter, format logos and write articles to be submitted to the Office of Marketing and Communications for review and/or recommendations and returned to the Communications Committee for presentation to the full Senate before publishing. This committee shall also maintain and manage the Senate's website to ensure accurate and up-to-date information is available at all times. The Secretary of the Senate shall serve as liaison to the Communications Committee.

Ellen Campbell 2750
LaVon D. Gray 8936
Derrick Hargrove 2409
Tarina Whitfield 8926

Community Service Committee - Rod Isom

The Community Service Committee shall identify community service activities or initiatives on campus and in the surrounding community that are relevant to WSSU staff and shall coordinate staff participation in these activities. A strong emphasis is placed on Senate presence in and devotion to WSSU and the community. The staff is encouraged to submit their service interests, needs, and ideas to the committee chairs throughout the year.

Anthony Bennett 2146
Deona Cureton 3463
Javon Lee 2059
Santonius Isom 8047

Employee Recognition Committee - Regina Craven

The Employee Recognition Committee is responsible for programs designed to boost morale and/or recognize employees for outstanding accomplishments in the workplace. Representatives from this committee shall work with, or become a part of, any existing committees performing the same or similar functions on behalf of the university e.g. the Staff Development Office in Human Resources.

 Vacant -  -

Governance Committee - Jonathan Smith

The Governance Committee shall confer with the Executive Committee through the appropriate legislative offices of the university about issues important to the mission of the Staff Senate and the University as a whole. This committee is designed to encourage participation of the members of the Staff Senate in the political process, to serve in an advocacy role for the betterment of the Staff of WSSU, and to communicate to the Staff Senate and the staff of the University regarding issues impacting higher education employees.

The committee shall serve as a resource for the Senate on questions and concerns relating to the Bylaws and/or parliamentary procedures. The committee shall review all Senate constitutions, bylaws and procedures, when adopted and/or amended for conflict or inconsistency with WSSU Staff Senate and UNC Staff Assembly governance. This committee shall advise the Senate on resolving conflicts with any documents relating to the Staff Senate/UNC Staff Assembly. The committee shall request the Executive Committee action when necessary to bring Staff Senate documents and procedures into conformity with stated parliamentary procedures.

The committee shall advise the Staff Senate of changes to the bylaws that may require action of the WSSU Staff Senate to avoid conflict or inconsistency in Governance of the State. The President-Elect shall serve as the liaison to this committee.

LaVon D. Gray 8936
Melvin Fenner 2754

Health & Wellness Committee - Deana Brim

The Health and Wellness Committee provides educational information that encourages better health practices. Workshops, seminars, and special events focus on five areas: self-responsibility, nutritional awareness, physical fitness, stress management, and environmental sensitivity. This committee collaborates with Human Resources and other campus wide initiatives.

Vacant - -

Nominating Committee - Vacant

The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President. The nominating process shall be determined by the President at least 30 days prior to the election of new officers at the end of every two (2) years.
 Vacant  -  -

Orientation Committee - Karen Cession

The Orientation Committee educates newly elected members and alternates to enable them to become fully contributing members of the Senate at their first official meeting and provides continuing development for members. The chair of this committee represents Staff Senate during HR's New Employee Orientation sessions to educate new employees of the university about the Senate.

Karen Cession  2047
Carol Brooks-Fonville  2656
Delana Sellars  2820

Professional Development Committee - Kevin Byers

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) is designed to provide support to SPA and EPA non-faculty for professional development needs to perform their jobs to attain the university's mission, goals, priorities and employee needs as resources are available. This committee monitors the activity of the professional development funds as well as the application and awards process. This includes promoting the application period and establishing guidelines for the 1) written application 2) rating system and 3) selection process for use by the Senate. Upon approval of a recipient, the chair of the committee will distribute a congratulatory correspondence to the staff member and execute the paperwork for processing.

Professional development needs may include: assistance with books, academic assistance for activities that directly relate to development of key competencies, attending conferences and workshops.

The academic assistance program is not an employee benefit, right or entitlement; it is a management program for workforce development. The Professional Development Committee shall be responsible for the development and implementation of educational opportunities in conjunction with the staff development officer of the university that fosters the following nine (9) professional core competencies:

1) Diversity and Inclusion

2) Ethics and Morals

3) Leadership Development

4) Mentoring, Advising and Service

5) Personal Development

6) Professional Best Practices

7) Professional Competencies and Development

8) Student Engagement and Service

9) Values, Integrity and Character

The professional core competencies are a set of operating values and guiding career philosophies that governs and defines the development of the whole employee. Each competency will be used to govern our internal motivations and conduct as we continue to work to better develop our operating processes and build stronger relationships with our internal and external constituents. All applications made to the PDC shall reflect one or more of the above core competencies. The Vice President shall serve as the liaison of the committee.

Kevin B. Byers
Winston Bagley 
Guila Cooper
Toreisha Faison 
Forrest Foster 
LaVon D. Gray
Michelle Jordan 2275
Terrance Martin  2942
Jennifer Wolfe 2762

Workplace Improvement Committee - Timothy Watson

The Workplace Improvement Committee shall be responsible for gathering information regarding workplace improvement recommendations and/or questions that are not addressed by employee grievance policies and procedures. The committee will present recommendations and/or questions to the Executive Committee for consideration and approval prior to submitting to the Chancellor for discussion and/or action. The Parliamentarian shall serve as the committee liaison and shall be composed of at least twelve additional members.

Glenda Cornell  2901
Cheryl Jefferies  8723
Sophia Kennedy 8009
Betty Tilley 3056

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