Ticket Office

Winston-Salem State University has established a Ticket Office to handle all ticket sales along with campus and stadium vending.

The University Ticket Office is where you can purchase tickets to events on campus such as: Athletic Events, Lyceum/Cultural Events, Student Activities Events, and Special on-campus Events. All events take place on the campus of Winston-Salem State University in Winston-Salem, NC, unless otherwise noted.

All ticket sales and staffing for ticket office and doors for University events held on campus and events sponsored by outside promoters using University facilities must be handled through the Ticket Office. Only tickets issued through the Ticket Office are valid at University events.

The WSSU Ticket Office is located on the ground floor of the Anderson Conference Center in Suite G-14A. 


The University Ticket Office retains the right to refuse the refunding or exchanging of tickets.   Currently, the Ticket Office does not refund or exchange tickets unless the event is canceled.