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Get Your Refund Money Direct Deposited



Beginning July 1st Go Direct Deposit With Your Refund and get Your Money Faster!

Go Direct in Two Easy Steps:

STEP 1: Log onto WSSU.EDU

STEP 2: Log on to

  • Click on the Billings & Receivables Link located under WSSU FEATURED LINKS Under Forms, select and complete the Consent for Direct Deposit Consent Form and return to:
    Billings and Receivables
    Suite 200 Thompson Center
    Winston-Salem, N.C. 27110

  • Enter University ID and PIN number
  • Click on Refunds tab, then on Payment Profile
  • Select Payment Type (Bank Account - checking/savings)
  • Enter Bank Account Information
  • Check Refund Option and Save

Make sure you read carefully the information submitted and confirm by entering the last four digits of
your Student ID and click "I Agree" or click Cancel to make changes.

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