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How to Complete a New Online Work Request

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Procedures for accessing Work Request and Mainsaver software directly or using Citrix Server Connection

Facilities has placed a portion of its Maintenance software on the university Web for access by faculty and staff to enter work request. The web based Work Request form can be accessed at

Fill in all information. Be as detailed as possible. All items in red are required. Press OK button only once.

Note: Please include the word "Moving" as part of the text in the location field for relocation or discard of any university property, equipment etc. This must be in place for your requests' approval by the Property Control Director.

After clicking OK you should see the following screen with your Work Request number. 


Work Request

Your request will then be placed in a queue for review by your building coordinator for approval.

Your request must be reviewed and approved by your building coordinator by editing and changing the status to (AWS) Awaiting Scheduling.


Please install Citrix before starting. Go to the WSSU home page, Click on, For Faculty and Staff, Remote Citrix Applications and follow the instructions

In order to approve request, coordinators will have to access the Mainsaver software from their desktop This is a Citrix connection and Citrix may require downloading to your pc.

The WSSU Remote Applications Access Login screen will appear. Login using your Network username and password. From your list of choices:

Click on: Work Request Mainsaver 11_5

A new login window will appear showing your Data Source:Data Source: Mainsaver Production

Your Login:___________ and Password:__________. This is where you would enter your assigned SQL password as building coordinator: Login = your Microsoft user name, Password= your Microsoft user name.

Please note: Only Building Coordinators will have access through WSSU Remote Applications Access Menu. Here they will login and approve/change the status of request pertaining to their area of building(s). Coordinators should not approve any "Moving" request. Request of this nature will need approval of the Director of Fixed Assets.

Start by clicking on the Maintenance tab.

Once the menu bar shows "click" the Work Req tab and all request for your approval will appear in a Work Request Table View screen. These are the request awaiting your approval. "Click" Edit on the right bottom of window to edit your record. Scroll down to the status box on the left in the record field and type or select AWS(Awaiting scheduling) if you feel this request should be approved. "Click" OK at bottom of screen. If for any reason your request are not approved by your Building Coordinator within a thirty (30) day period, they will be purged from the system and require re-submittal. This process will have to be completed for each record shown.

After editing/approving each record in your Table View Screen, "click" OK at the bottom of the screen or close at top left to exit Mainsaver. Your approved request will then be sent to our database for processing and assignment of a Work Order Number.

Note: Request for different crafts (plumbing, carpentry, electrical etc.) must be submitted separately. Do not combine requests requiring different crafts on the same order. Your request will not reach all the required craft shops.

If you have questions, problems or concerns, please call Ext. #2853 or #8637.


(Persons-in-Charge of Campus Buildings)

Building Number Building Name Building Coordinators
050-000-000 A. H. Ray Health Center  Ms. Carisa D. Hoyle
037-000-000 Albert Anderson Center
  1st & 2nd Floors-Conferences & Ms. Pamala Turner
  Institutes/Dillard Auditorium/McNeil   
  Banquet/Aramark/Dining Areas 
2nd Floor - School of Education Dr. Manuel Vargas
C Wing/Anderson Modular Dr. Edwin Bell
021-000-000 Alumni House Ms. Melendia Roseboro
032-000-000 Atkins Residence Hall Mr. Reginald Chatman
034-000-000 F. L. Atkins Building  Mr. Kevin Byers/Ms. Nancy Cuthrell
040-000-000 S. G. Atkins House Mr. Greg Hairston/Ms. Catherine Snipes
042-000-000 W. B. Atkinson Science Building  Dr. Donna Pierre
013-000-000 Blair Hall Mrs. Linda McCullough
Bowman Gray Stadium/FH Mr. J.R. Pringle
014-000-000 Brown Hall Residence Hall Mr. Reginald Chatman
001-000-000 Carolina Hall Dr. Charles Ford
043-000-000 Child Development Center and Lab School Ms. Sheila Ebrahim
002-000-000 Coltrane Hall Dr. Ike Okonta/Ms. Wanda Parker
041-000-000 E. J. Jones-Computer
Sciences Building 
Dr. Elva Jones/Ms. Alberta Mickens
027-000-000 Dillard Residence Hall Mr. Reginald Chatman
003-000-000 Eller Hall Ms. Rotunda Eaton 
004-000-000 Fine Arts Building  Dr. Charles E. Hicks
051-000-000 Foundation Heights  Mr. Reginald Chatman
006-000-000 C.E. Gaines Center  Mrs. Tonia Walker
  Whitaker Gymnasium Mrs. Tonia Walker  
049-000-000 Gleason Hairston Terrace Mr. Reginald Chatman
033-000-000 Hall-Patterson Building  Dr. Shirley Manigault/Ms. Carolyn S. Thomas 
028-000-000 Hauser Student Union Dr. Michelle Releford
008-000-000 Hill Hall - UNOCCUPIED  Unoccupied  
018-000-000 Moore Residence Hall Mr. Reginald Chatman
009-000-000 O'Kelly Library Dr. Mae Rodney
  Diggs Gallery Dr. Mae Rodney
052-000-000 Modular Office Complex - East  Mr. John Gulley
Modular Office Complex - West Mrs. Andrea Thompson/Letitia Cornish
024-000-000 Old Maintenance Building  Mr. Marcus Sutton
010-000-000 Old Nursing Building  Dr. Travis Teague
007-000-000 Old Nursing Building-South Dr. Travis Teague
016-000-000 Pegram Residence Hall Mr. Reginald Chatman
031-000-000 Physical Plant Building  Mr. Brian Edmonson
044-000-000 Rams Commons Building #1 Mr. Reginald Chatman
045-000-000 Rams Commons Building #2 Mr. Reginald Chatman
046-000-000 Rams Commons Building #3 Mr. Reginald Chatman
047-000-000 Rams Commons Building #4 Mr. Reginald Chatman
048-000-000 Rams Commons Community Center Mr. Reginald Chatman
036-000-000 R.J. Reynolds Building Dr. Jessica Bailey
039-000-000 C. F. Thompson Center Mr. Stephen Powell
029-000-000 K. R. Williams Auditorium Mr. Ken Beatty
038-000-000 Wilson Residence Hall Mr. Reginald Chatman  
OFFSITE LOCATIONS: Lowery Street Mr. Ralph Cox
RJR West Lab Dr. Abdul Mohammad
Winston Towers Ms. Alta McNair/Ms. Mary Fries
PTCRC Ms. Kineka Hull

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