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Each building (academic, administrative or otherwise) has a person or persons designated as the person-in-charge of the building. This representative acts as a direct liaison between Facilities and his/her building and is called a Building Coordinators (BC).

Building Coordinators serve as central points of contact for day-to-day maintenance and service needs for their building(s). Building Coordinators receive and log service calls, initiate Online Service Requests, keep building occupants updated on work being performed in the building or the progress of service requests submitted. The BC also conducts building inspections and participates in building safety inspection. Building Coordinators will assume general responsibility for the facility and property.

When utilities, such as electrical, water, steam or HVAC are interrupted, the BC notifies the building occupants of the interruption.

NOTE: See Facilities Operations and Maintenance Procedures for issuance of keys. 

Winston-Salem State University
Campus Building Coordinators
(Persons in Charge of Campus Buildings)
Building Building Name Building Coordinators Ext. Zone Manager
050 A.H. Ray Student Health Center Mr. Michael Isler 2895 Duane Ward x3253
037 Albert H. Anderson Center - 1st & 2nd Floors Conferences & Institutes
Dillard Auditorium
McNeil Banquet Hall
Aramark Dining Areas
Ms. Pamala Turner 2121 Tracy Warren x2864
037 Albert H. Anderson Center - 2nd Floor
School of Education
Dr. Denise Pearson 8932 Tracy Warren x2864
021 Alumni House Mr. Rudy Anderson 3153 Tracy Warren x2864
059 Anderson Annex-(Modular) Ms. Letitia Cornish 2694 Tracy Warren x2864
037 Anderson Center- C Wing Dr. Yolanda Edwards 2586 Tracy Warren x2864
032 Atkins Residence Hall Ms. Melissa Brown 3453 Duane Ward x3253
013 Blair Hall Ms. Karen Cession 2407 Tracy Warren x2864
  Bowman Gray  Fieldhouse Mr. Clifton Huff
Mr. Barry Marrow
Tracy Warren x2864
014 Brown Hall Residence Hall Ms. Jalisha Lancaster 8668 Duane Ward x3253
006 C. E. Gaines Center Mr. Barry Marrow 8745 Tracy Warren x2864
039 C. F. Thompson Center Mr. Stephen Powell 3386 Tracy Warren x2864
001 Carolina Hall Ms. Annetta Payne 2403 Tracy Warren x2864
043 Child Development Center Ms. Sheila Ebrahim 2411 Tracy Warren x2864
043 Modular Office - West Ms. Letitia Cornish
Ms. LaKrista Page
Tracy Warren x2864
002 Coltrane Hall Dr. Terrance Lewis
Ms. Wanda Parker
Tracy Warren x2864
005 D. J. Reaves Student Ctr Mr. Stephen Powell 3386 Tracy Warren x2864
009 Diggs Gallery 2458 Tracy Warren x2864
027 Dillard Residence Hall offline Duane Ward x3253
003 Eller Hall Ms. Rotunda Eaton 2104 Tracy Warren x2864
041 Elva Jones-Computer Science  Dr. Elva Jones, Cheryl Moore (Flrs: 2,3,4)
Cuthrell Johnson (1st floor)
 2485, 2480
Tracy Warren x2864
034 F. L. Atkins Building Mr. Kevin Byers
Ms. Nancy Cuthrell
Tracy Warren x2864
052 F. L. Atkins Modular Mr. Kevin Byers
Ms. Nancy Cuthrell
Tracy Warren x2864
004 Fine Arts Building Dr. Michael Magruder 2527 Tracy Warren x2864
051 Foundation Heights Mr. Jeremi Cheeks 2174 Duane Ward x3253
049 Gleason-Hairston Terrace Mr. Tajuan Sellers 3418 Duane Ward x3253
033 Hall Patterson Building Ms. Rasheeda Lloyd
Ms. Ruth Fair
Tracy Warren x2864
028 Hauser Student Union offline Tracy Warren x2864
008 Hill Hall - Student Success Center Mr. Fred VanSwearingen 3427 Tracy Warren x2864
029 K. R. Williams Auditorium Mr. Kent Beatty 3251 Tracy Warren x2864
Martin/Schexnider Mr. Jeremi Cheeks 8678 Duane Ward x3253
018 Moore Residence Hall Mr. Joshua Starks 8666 Duane Ward x3253
009 O'Kelly Library 2440 Tracy Warren x2864
024 Old Maintenance Building Chief Patricia Norris
Mr. Amir Henry
Tracy Warren x2864
007 Old Nursing - North Mrs. Marian Anderson Booker 8915 Tracy Warren x2864
010 Old Nursing - South Mrs. Marian Anderson Booker 8915 Tracy Warren x2864
016 Pegram Hall Dr. Becky Mussat-Whitlow 2174 Duane Ward x3253
031 Physical Plant Building Ms. Dianne Walker
Ms. Sophia Kennedy
Tracy Warren x2864
036 R. J. Reynolds Building Ms. Joyce Jenkins 2331 Tracy Warren x2864
044 Rams Commons Building #1 Ms. Shemika Withers 2174 Duane Ward x3253
045 Rams Commons Building #2 Ms. Shemika Withers 2174 Duane Ward x3253
046 Rams Commons Building #3 Ms. Shemika Withers 2174 Duane Ward x3253
047 Rams Commons Building #4 Ms. Shemika Withers 2174 Duane Ward x3253
048 Rams Commons Comm. Ctr. Ms. Shemika Withers 2174 Duane Ward x3253
040 S. G. Atkins House Mr. Greg Hairston
Ms. Catherine Snipes
Tracy Warren x2864
042 WB Atkinson Sciences Building Dr. Jill Keith
Dr. Morris Clarke
Mr. Luke Dixon
Tracy Warren x2864
038 Wilson Residence Hall Mr. Jeremi Cheeks 2174 Duane Ward x3253
Lowery Street - 1600 Mr. Robert Alexander
Ms. Joyce McMillan
Tracy Warren x2864
Lowery Street - 1604 A, B Mr. Alan R. Ireland
Ms. Andrea Thompson
Ms. Jeanette Valentine
Tracy Warren x2864
Lowery Street - 1604 C Ms. Sandra Stinson 2882 Tracy Warren x2864
Lowery Street - Warehouse Mr. James Bigelow
Mr. Barry Blue
Tracy Warren x2864
RJR Wet Lab Building Dr. Mamudu Yakubu 2543 Contracted Maintenance
Winston-Towers -
Center for Community Safety
Ms. Leslie Gaynor 779-7363  Contracted Maintenance
PTCRC Dr. Shea Gilliam-Davis
Ms. Alvita Byers
 Contracted Maintenance


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