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Bus/Passenger Van Reservation Information


Reservation Information 

*Buses and Passenger Vans are assigned based on a first-come, first-served basis; therefore proper travel planning is recommended.

*Department Head Approval is required when utilizing departmental fund/budget codes for travel purposes. Please obtain approval BEFORE requesting a bus or van for all travel needs.

*Departments will be charged for the ENTIRE time period the bus has been reserved.  Facilities University Bus Drivers WILL remain with the department throughout the duration of the travel.

*Departments are responsible for the Facilities University Bus Driver's overnight lodging and other travel expenses that may occur (ex:  toll expenses, parking expenses, etc.)

Description of Passenger Vehicles Listed Below:

*One - Handicap Accessible Passenger Van (travel destination not limited)

           * 4 passenger seats + one wheelchair  

           * 2 passenger seats + two wheelchairs

*One – 14 Passenger Van (travel destination not limited)

*Two - 13 Passenger Van (travel destination not limited)

*One - Storage Trailer attachment for Passenger Vans

*One – 24 Passenger Bus (travel limited to the TRIAD AREA ONLY)

*Two – 29 Passenger Buses (travel destination not limited)

*One - Ford F250 Truck (travel destination not limited)

          *  Seats two individuals and able to tow up to 3,500 lbs


ONLY Facilities University Bus Drivers are allowed to drive the passenger vans and buses.

Faculty and Staff are allowed to drive the Ford F-250 Truck.

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