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Moving and Event Setup Services

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Hours of Operation:

8:00AM- 5:00PM Mon-Fri

Moving and Event set up services:

Moving and Event set up services are provided by the Grounds area in Facilities. The Grounds area provides moving and hauling services that include relocation of furniture within the university, relocation of furniture and equipment for surplus off campus. In addition, Facilities also assists in setting up of university sponsored events.

Facilities does not have a moving crew. All moving services are contracted to outside vendors. Facilities is responsible for administering purchase orders to moving vendors and for managing and coordinating the moving process.

Customers are required to submit a Work Order Request to schedule moving services. Building Coordinators should not approve any Moving request. These are reviewed and approved by the University Director Of Property Control.

Please make sure to include the word "Moving" in the Location/Building field, in the on line Request for Service Form.

In general all moving is scheduled for Wednesday of every week. Therefore, it is most important that any request for services for moving is received at Facilities no less than 14 calendars prior to the desired moving date. This will allow Facilities to contact a vendor, complete the required purchasing process and schedule the move. Requests for assistance in setting up university sponsored events may required longer than 14 calendar day notice. Please contact Facilities main number 750-2850 to discuss specifics of the event with the supervisor of the Grounds area.

Building Coordinators are responsible for making sure that discarded furniture is NOT left in corridors or in stairways as this is considered a fire code violation. Building Coordinators are responsible for issuing a Request for Service to have discarded furniture removed from the building.

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