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Facilities Policies and Procedures

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Hours of Operation:

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Mon-Fri

Services: Annually, funds are provided to Facilities for routine maintenance, general non-routine maintenance and operations of the University physical buildings. These funds are intended to maintain the University's facilities as originally constructed and/or subsequently renovated.

Facilities is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the University's physical buildings.

  • Building and Equipment Maintenance
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Utilities
  • Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance
  • Major Repairs and Renovations
  • Construction Planning and Inspection
  • Campus Master Planning
  • Space Planning
  • Solid Waste Disposal
  • Recycling and Waste Reduction
  • Light Moving and Hauling
  • Motor Pool Operations
  1. Routine Services Provided by Facilities

    Responsible Person:

    Scope: All Faculty, Staff and Students

    Purpose: To generally define policies and procedures for routine services provided by Facilities

    POLICY: Facilities provides routine services to university facilities and infrastructure without the submission of a Request for Service. These services include but are not limited to the following:

    1. General housekeeping services
    2. Lawn care, landscaping and hardscaping maintenance
    3. Preventive maintenance to buildings and building systems identified through preventive maintenance inspections
    4. Recycling and Waste reduction services
    5. Utilities such as exterior lighting, heating and air conditioning and steam distribution systems.

  2. Non-Routine Services Provided by Facilities

    Responsible Person: Administrative Assistant/Work Order Receipt Clerk/Departmental Supervisors

    Scope: All Faculty, Staff and Students

    Purpose: To define the policies and procedures for obtaining non-routine services from Facilities.

    POLICY: Faculty, staff and students obtain the following non-routine services from Facilities:
    1. Facilities provides to all campus users access for reporting malfunctions via completion of the work request form on line. Building Coordinators are responsible for approving work order requests for their facilities.
    2. Once the Building Coordinator approves the work order request, the request is routed to the Facilities Services Center for approval.
    3. Facilities acknowledges receipt of all Online Service Requests and notifies the building coordinator when a work order number has been assigned to the request and when services are completed.
    4. Emergency requests do require an Online Service Request to be completed and called in to Facilities ext. 2863 during regular business hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m, Monday-Friday). After regular business hours, and on weekends and holidays, calls should be made to ext. 2858. Emergencies are defined as "any disaster, unusual occurrence, utility malfunction or equipment failure that presents imminent danger to life and limb or property or the continuation of vital programs which require immediate action".
  3. Building Keys

    Responsible Person:

    Scope: All Faculty and Staff

    Purpose: To define the policies and procedures for obtaining keys that access university buildings.

    Definitions of Types of Keys:

    Grand Master Key: A key or set of keys that will open most campus buildings and areas within the building.

    Master Key: A key or set of keys that will open a particular building and rooms within that building.

    Change Key: A key that will open a specific room within the building. A specific change key will also open the exterior doors to the building.

    1. To obtain building keys, including key duplications, a Facilities Online Service Request must be completed and approved by:

      - Director or Supervisor of the person to whom keys will be issued

      - Electronically by the Building Coordinator

      Keys will be issued to the supervisor of the person to whom keys will be issued. The supervisor is responsible for picking up the requested keys at the Physical Plant building. The supervisor will be required to sign a form indicating that the keys have been issued. The supervisor is responsible for asking the employee to sign for any keys issued to the employee by the supervisor.

    2. Master keys and change keys will be issued to the Building Coordinator only. The only exception is that keys may be issued to the Vice Chancellor responsible for the particular building.
    3. Select Facilities Maintenance staff may be issued master keys necessary for the performance of their duties.
    4. Students must request keys to residence halls and student areas through the Housing Office.
    5. Change keys should be issued to faculty and staff by the Building Coordinator based on continuous need for access to specific rooms within a particular building. Change keys may be issued to students where an area is specifically assigned to a student group.
    6. Grand master keys will be issued to the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Campus Police and limited Facilities staff.
    7. It is very important to retrieve keys from faculty, staff and students when they separate from the University. The Building Coordinator should insure that keys are retrieved and returned to the Physical Plant Building/Facilities.
    8. Lost keys jeopardize building security systems; therefore, each key holder should use extreme care to maintain keys that are issued to him/her.
    9. Building keys do not include keys for desks, file cabinets etc. These are the responsibility of the requesting department and must be purchased (check, fund information or cash) by such. Facilities will facilitate this(pick-up and delivery) if requested.
  4. Major Repairs and Renovations

    Responsible Person: Director of Engineering and Planning and Development/Director of Facilities Operations/Associate Vice Chancellor

    Scope: Faculty and Staff

    Purpose: To define the policies and procedures for renovations, repairs and upgrade of buildings and building space that are too costly to handle through the normal operating budget.

    1. Requester submits an Online Service Request form describing the type of work, size and location of the area .
    2. Available funding source(s) should be identified on the Online Service Request form.
    3. If the project is being done to change the utilization of space or will impact the building infrastructure the request will be routed to the University Space Committee for review and recommendation to the Chancellor.
    4. Projects that do not change utilization of space or impact the building infrastructure will be planned and implemented as funding permits.
    5. Projects that cost less than $300,000 will be handled as informal projects. Projects that cost $300,000 or more are required by North Carolina State Statues - to be handled as formal capital improvements projects.
    6. When project(s) and funding are approved, the process will include the following steps:
      • Facility Investigation
      • Project Design
      • Bid Project to Qualified Contractors
      • Award of Construction Contract(s)
      • Construction Start and Completion
      • Final Inspection and Acceptance
  5. New Facility Planning and Construction

    Responsible Person: Director of Engineering and Planning and Development/ Associate Vice Chancellor/Designer Selection Committee/State Construction Office

    Scope: Faculty and Staff

    Purpose: To define policies and procedures for requesting the construction of new facilities.

    POLICY: When existing facilities do not provide adequate accommodations in support of the programs housed or new programs and renovating the existing space is not feasible, then the following procedures for requesting new facilities must be implemented.
    1. Requester submits a letter and justification to his or her vice chancellor for approval.
    2. If request is approved by the vice chancellor, it is submitted by the Vice Chancellor to the University Space Planning Committee for approval.
    3. The University Space Planning Committee submits recommendations to the Chancellor for approval.
    4. If approved by the Chancellor, the Director for Facilities Planning & Engineering will develop with the users a building program and cost estimate for a capital improvements budget submission.
Please follow the link to Space Planning in the Facilities web page for specific directions on how to request space and the operations of the University Space Planning Committee.

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