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Recycling Plan


By reducing our production of solid waste, increasing our recycling programs and the use of recycled products we will help protect the environment for future generations and ourselves. In doing so the University should be recognized as a leader in environmental issues.


Our mission is to develop and implement a comprehensive recycling plan over the next 24-36 months by decreasing solid waste, increasing recycling and promoting the use of products with recycled content.


Our goal is to reduce waste going to solid waste landfills, improve recycling and the purchase of products containing recycled goods.


  • Join Carolina Recycling Association (CRA)

Expand current recycling program:

  • Bring dorms on-line during the next 12 months.
    a. Study most efficient way to handle removal of recycling generated by dorms from campus.
    b. Add, install disposal system, determine by study. Recycling dumpsters, carts, etc.
    c. Provide individual education and training to each dorm.

Implement outdoor recycling program:

  • Provide outside recycling containers.
    a. Five year plan for the addition of outside containers.
  • Expand existing Academic program during the next 12 to 36 months.
    a. Find outlets and provide training for additional types of items that can be recycled.
  • Provide campus wide education and training.
    a. Provide education to the campus community only after we are in a position to handle the increased volume of recycling.
    b. Develop web page.
    c. Establish Recycling Facilitator Network (only if we can develop something that works better than our current Building Coordinator Network).
    d. Provide e-mail drops on what recycles and how to recycle.
    e. Establish a periodic newsletter.
  • Partner with student groups and Science programs.
    a. Promote student involvement.
    b. Join and compete in RecycleMania.
    c. Incorporate solid waste reduction and recycling into our curriculum.

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