Payroll Calendar

Monthly Payroll Calendar

The Payroll Department processes a monthly payroll for all permanent employees (faculty and staff) and for temporary flat-rate employees.  The pay date for the monthly payroll is always the last business day of the month with the exception of December, when the pay date falls earlier in the month.

2014 Monthly Payroll Calendar


Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar

The Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar is for Student and Temporary Employees. This calendar shows the online time sheet pay periods: start and end dates, employee time sheet due date, the cut-off deadline for hourly student and temporary employees, the cut-off deadline for supervisors with the associate time, and the pay day.

In general, the online time sheet deadline for employees is midnight on the Monday after the bi-weekly pay period end date and the approval deadline for supervisors is the following day (Tuesday) by 12:30 PM. However, online time sheet entry due dates and cut-offs may be adjusted for holidays (please consult the calendar).

2014 Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar and Web Time Entry Dates


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