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Purchasing from Public Funds

Purchasing from public funds is a complicated business. The goal of this section is to clearly walk you through the process. Though complicated, it is not necessarily difficult. The process is very logical and continually returns to the foundation of public purchasing, which is the seeking of competition for the goods and services we purchase. If you keep this in mind, you will hopefully find the following information less dogmatic and more focused. Purchases may be made using one of these processes:

  • A purchase requisition (processed and ordered by the Purchasing Department, received and approved for payment by the department),
  • The purchasing card (issued to the individual employee to make small purchases). In all cases the myriad of rules and regulations established at the federal, state and university levels must be followed.

While the methods used for making purchases will vary and the sources of funding will change (federal, state, endowments, etc.), the rules and regulations for making purchases and paying for those purchases remain constant.

Purchase Requisitions

Purchasing Card (Pcard)

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