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The definition of an Administrative consultant is:

  • a state employee or independent contractor who performs work or a task(s) and who possesses specialized knowledge, experience, expertise, or professional qualifications, to investigate assigned problems or projects and to provide counsel, review, analysis, evaluation, or advice in formulating or implementing changes to programs or services. This includes but is not limited to the organization, planning, directing, control, evaluation, and operation of a program, agency, or department.

This is defined to help clarify the following statement, which was issued by the North Carolina Department of Administration:

  • The use of individuals for instructional services, curriculum development, and academically oriented research, are exempt from the otherwise prescribed procedures.

This means that consultants used for the above purposes are Academic consultants and are exempt from the state's purchasing guidelines and review, which makes it possible for the University to entertain reasonable requests to single-source purchases. This gives the department much greater flexibility in choosing vendors and services. The use of consultants for the above purposes, however, must still be reviewed and approved, and this responsibility remains at the department/college level. In addition, any terms specified in grants, awards, etc. remain in effect. Whenever possible any contractual service should be competitively bid as this continues to be the single best method for obtaining services at the lowest prices.

Waiver of Competitive Bidding

Under certain conditions, if approved by the Purchasing Services, certain goods and services may be purchased without the use of the competitive bidding process. This link(under construction at this time) will take you to items Winston Salem State University has approved for this process.

If, after reviewing the list, you would like to request a waiver, please give us a call at 750-2930 and we will assist you. 


All work provided by the contracted Printing Service does not require bidding or approval by the Department of Purchasing Services. It is a University printing policy that all printing work be forwarded to the contracted printing vendor for completion. It is critical for departments to allow sufficient time for the printer to satisfactorily complete their jobs.

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