Human Resources

Human Resources Forms

Request a WebFocus Report Web Time Entry Instructions  
Volunteer Information and Acknowledgement Form
EPA Staff Evaluations & Self Assessment

Performance Management Process and Cycle

SPA Career-Banded Performance Management Plan and Appraisal 
Separation/Clearance Exit Interview
Employment Hiring
Vacancy Review Request Personnel Budget Action Form
Employment Verification Faculty/Staff Management Module
Temporary Personnel Action Form (Student) Temporary Personnel Action Form (Non-Student)
Request for Temporary Recruitment  Criminal Background Check 
Required In-Person Employee Forms

The forms below must be submitted via hard copy to Human Resources in Room 103, Eller Hall. Emailed, copies delivered via campus/regular mail, and/or faxed copies are not acceptable. I-9 Forms MUST be delivered in person due to the physical examination of identification requirement by the Department of Homeland Security. For security reasons, anyone submitting a Name/Address change form must be prepared to present a photo ID to confirm identity (a Social Security card bearing the new name must also be presented in the event of a name change). If you need assistance in completing either of the forms below, please contact Human Resources at (336) 750-2830.

Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)  Name/Address Change Form
Employee Administration
Banner System Access Authorization Request Secondary Employment
EPA Request for Hearing SPA Mediation and Grievance Policy
Request for Overtime 
Employee Benefit Forms
 Leave Request Medical Leave Return to Work
Voluntary Shared Leave Donor Form  Voluntary Shared Leave Request
Tuition Reimbursement Application  Tuition Waiver Application 
Career Banding Forms
Initial Competency Assessment 

Workers Compensation

*Forms 18 and 19 must be completed when reporting an injury.

Notice of Accident to Employer Form 18* Supervisor's Accident/Incident Investigation Report
Employer Authorization (for treating physician), Physician's Report, and Pharmacy Guide

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