Student Engagement and Enrichment

Student Engagement & Enrichment


Activities planned under Student Engagement & Enrichment (SEE) will enrich student learning and expand our existing undergraduate research endeavors. For example, a supplemental seminar series will be run in conjunction with departmental colloquia so that students will be exposed to a wide range of career role models. In addition, we plan to support the development of innovative courses that merge teaching & research, which will allow both science majors and non-majors the opportunity to take part in authentic research experiences.

At WSSU, extra- and co-curricular research opportunities are available during the academic year and/or over the summer for eligible students. Scholarly research pursuits supplement and apply knowledge acquired from STEM courses, enhance student laboratory bench skills and techniques, and help students to prepare for graduate and professional school.

More information about existing undergraduate student research opportunities at WSSU can be found by clicking on the links below:

In addition, WSSU hosts two programs that provide research opportunities for high-school students.

Other STEM-related programs at WSSU open to middle-school students:

Program Description Eligibility Criteria Contact
SciTech Summer Technology Institute summer enrichment program rising 6 - 10th grade students  Dr. Denise Johnson
Girls Empowered by Math and Science (GEMS) math and science academy   6-10th grade girls  Dr. Denise Johnson
Summer Scholars Program math and science enrichment opportunities rising 6 - 12th grade students Dr. Vincent Snipes
Saturday Academy Program math, science, English, and technology instruction during the fall and spring   Dr. Vincent Snipes

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