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Undergraduate Research

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Dr. Michael McKenzie

Michael McKenzie, Ph.D.
Exercise Physiology
Associate Professor


Undergraduate Research Mission

Winston Salem State University is well known for the strength of the undergraduate programs that it offers.  As our programs have evolved, WSSU has focused on improving the undergraduate experience by incorporating undergraduate research.  The mission of WSSU Undergraduate Research Office is to further enhance student learning through research opportunities.

Why Undergraduate Research?

Undergraduate Research is a “high impact practice” as not only do students benefit while they are on campus through increased student learning and success, but benefits are often seen post-graduation as well.  Involvement in undergraduate research allows students to gain a deeper understanding of their soon to be profession, allows participation in a community of like-minded scholars, and most importantly fosters relationships with faculty members which are mutually beneficial and long lasting.  The faculty member gains a researcher capable of helping them with the daily tasks of their research, while the student gains a mentor who can assist them in gaining employment or admission to graduate school.  Most importantly, students gain the opportunity to make a difference.  They get to be involved with projects that create new knowledge, solve real-world problems, and develop protocols that can impact our world.

This office will offer workshops, seek funding opportunities, provide summer research options, and most importantly, plan University Scholar’s Day.

Opportunity Deadline
College Student Pre-Commissioning Scholarship Program - U.S. Coast Guard ongoing
Core Fullbright U.S. Scholar Opportunities - Catalog of Awards August 1, 2014

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