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Requests should be completed fully, signed and dated. You are responsible for submitting all requests on or before the deadline. Request processing requires a 2-3 business days, unless otherwise stated on the form.  

Academic Forgiveness Graduation Application
Application for NC Residency Reclassification FERPA Release Form
Change of Address  Legal Name Change Authorization
Change of Major Request to Take Course At Another Institution
Change of Pre-Major Social Security Number Correction
Curriculum Adjustment Form Transcript Request
Degree Verification Request    Transfer Credit Appeal Request
Diploma Reprint Tuition Surcharge Waiver
    Verification of Student Enrollment













Academic Forgiveness is the process by which previously enrolled students may seek to remove the negative impact of unsatisfactory grades earned at WSSU. Academic Forgiveness (granted only once) may be requested by students returning to WSSU after an absence of three (3) or more consecutive calendar years. Before completing this form, you are required to meet with an advisor in the college/school discipline to demonstrate full understanding of this policy and to develop a plan for academic improvement. The policy for Academic Forgiveness is outlined on the bottom of the form and decisions CANNOT BE APPEALED.  For more information, view the Academic Policies at WSSU.

Form: Request for Academic Forgiveness


When you apply to the Office of Admissions, your initial residency determination is based on the information you provide on your application. If you were born in North Carolina and have lived in the state all your life, you will undeniably be automatically classified as a North Carolina resident. If you are classified as an out-of-state resident and feel that you are a North Carolina resident, you may complete the application for NC residency reclassification. Be sure to adhere to all deadlines for submitting your application.

Form: NC Residency Reclassification Application


If a student needs to formally change their legal name with the University, the following authorization form needs to be completed. Be sure to provide the necessary supporting documentation (i.e. Marriage certificate, court order, etc.)

Form: Legal Name Change Authorization


Communication from the University is sent to the address provided as your permanent address upon enrollment to Winston-Salem State. The correct mailing address is critical to receive information in a timely manner. If your permanent and/or local address changes, please complete the following form as soon as possible.

Form: Change of Address 


Change of Major Form for Undergraduates - Junior and senior students desiring to change from one major to another should complete this form in consultation with their faculty advisor. First year and sophomore students who have not been accepted into a major should complete the university's Change of Pre-Major Form.

Form: Change of Major


Change of Pre-Major Form for Undergraduates - Students desiring to change from one Pre-Major to another should complete this form in consultation with their faculty advisor. Juniors and seniors who have been accepted into a major should complete the University's Change of Major Form.

Form: Change of Pre-Major


Curriculum Adjustment Form for General Education Course Substitutions and Waivers (must be approved by the appropriate class dean).

Form: Curriculum Adjustment


Verification of degrees awarded is required for many purposes—medical or legal associations, insurance companies, licensure, employers, etc. We verify degrees by mail, fax or on a walk-in basis (with proper ID). A Verification of Degree does not include courses taken or grades attained; that information is only obtained through ordering a transcript. All third party requests for degree verification are processed by the National Student Clearinghouse. Verifications of Degree are sent via the U.S. Postal Service by first-class mail.

Form: Degree Verification Request


Winston-Salem State University diplomas and certificates will be issued and posted on transcripts only after all graduation requirements have been met. This includes clearing any outstanding balance, library fine and/or parking fine.

•  One complimentary copy of your transcript will be sent to you when your degree is posted.

•  Graduates must report any errors on their diploma within thirty days of receiving the diploma. If
   errors are not reported within this timeframe, graduates will be charged a replacement fee (see

•  You may order a replacement diploma by submitting a Diploma Reprint Form to the Office of the
   Registrar. The fee is $22 per replacement diploma.  Personal checks will not be accepted.
   Fees may be paid by cash in person or by money order payable to:

Winston-Salem State University
Office of the Registrar
202 Thompson Center
601 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27110

FORM: Diploma Reprint Request


For Undergraduate or Graduate Graduation applications, go to Graduation Services.


In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Buckley Amendment), Winston-Salem State University is not permitted to release any academic or disciplinary information to other parties (such as parents/legal guardians) without the student’s consent.  This policy covers all records maintained at Winston-Salem State University and applies to any student who has completed the registration process at any time. For more information, please reference the Winston-Salem State University Policy on Release of Student Information. Any student wishing to allow access to this information must complete the following form a Release of Academic Disciplinary Information form.

Form: FERPA Release Form


To request a copy of your official transcript, complete a Transcript Request form. The cost is $5.00 per transcript.   Personal checks will not be accepted. Any questions regarding transcripts can be directed to

Form: Transcript Request


Is there an error with your Social Security number on your documented records? Fill out the following form to have this information corrected. Be sure to bring in proof of the correct Social Security information to the Office of the Registrar.

Form: Social Security Number Correction


A student wishing to take courses at another institution must complete the following form.

Form: Request to Take Course(s) at another Institution


A student with transfer credit must submit an official academic transcript directly from the Registrar's Office of the previous institution to the Office of the Registrar at Winston-Salem State University.  If you wish to appeal a decision made by the University in regards to accepting your transfer credits, complete the

Form: Transfer Credit Appeal Request 


The following four (4) reasons constitute the only grounds for waiver of the tuition surcharge: (1) Military Service Obligation, (2) Serious Medical Debilitation, (3) Short-term or Long-term Disability and/or (4) Other Extraordinary Hardship. To request a waiver of your tuition surcharge, complete the form below and attach the appropriate supporting documentation.

Form: Tuition Surcharge Waiver


Enrollment verifications serve as proof of your status as a student. If you need enrollment verification, submit a completed request form. Be sure to specify what information you want to be included in the letter.

Form: Verification of Enrollment Request



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