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The Roles and Responsibilities Matrix outlines the roles and responsibilities of all individuals and offices involved in sponsored programs, from reviewing the funding opportunity through award, project management, reporting, and closeout.  This "roles and responsibilities matrix" was created by WSSU's Financial Transformation Committee according to best practices provided by UNC General Administration to the 17 constituent institutions.

Please use aforementioned matrix to understand the key players for accomplishing each task as proposals are developed and submitted and as projects are awarded, initiated, managed, and (in time) closed.  As you will see, "O" represents the individual or office that owns the task, while "C" means the individual or office that contributes to that task by providing necessary input.

The Pre-Award Staff members in the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) assist University faculty and staff with all phases of pre-proposal preparation and submission, including:

1. identification of potential funding sources;
2. pre-submission procedures;
3. internal review, routing, and approval; and
4. timely submission to the agency.

A “Grant Resource Center (GRC) Funding Search Form” is required from the faculty requesting OSP Pre-award Staff to look for specific funding opportunities. In general the title, short project description, objectives and estimated budget will be requested By OSP to assist in finding applicable funding opportunities.

A “Internal Notice of Intent Form” is required from all faculty and/or staff looking to submit proposals and/or contracts.

The OSP supports the university’s resource acquisition practices in the following areas.

(a) assists with pre-award activities related to internally processing the
     proposal through RAMSes and the application to the agency;

(b) identifies and assists administrators with developing institutional
     policies to conform with federal and other sponsor requirements;

(c) identifies new and innovative methods of obtaining support for
     institutional activities;

(d) assists in the reviewing and proofing of narratives, proposed
     budgets, compliance and support documents and certifications such
     as Civil Rights requirements, animal use, research misconduct and
     human subjects research, etc. The Office of Sponsored Programs
     staff cannot write proposals for faculty and staff.

(e) assists the PI in applications which are approved but not funded,
     returned, or disapproved, to determine what the weaknesses are
     and how best the weakness might be overcome through 
     preparation of a revised application for resubmission;

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