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The new web site features a standardized header and footer. Both are extremely important as they contain important navigational options for users. All university maintained pages have adopted the new header and footer. The new header and footer on all of these areas of the WSSU web site will unify our web presence, as well as bringing a new standard for ease of use to our site visitors.

In addition to the common header and footer, most pages on the new web site will also adopt common design templates provided by the CMS. These templates bring a professional and uniform appearance to campus web pages, and simplify maintenance for content contributors through the use of predefined fonts and formatting options. While offering the benefits of uniformity, the design templates also offer flexible design and formatting options that will allow campus content contributors to customize their sites to their unique needs.

Top-level pages on the web site are OMC-maintained pages, and are usually the very first thing visitors see when they access the site. As such, they act as user-friendly gateways to departmental pages and other deeper levels of the site. These are regularly reviewed and maintained by the Office of Marketing and Communications to ensure that content and links are never out of date.

Content contributors across campus will maintain their pages and sites using the Cascade Content Management System. As noted above, Cascade allows site administrators to seamlessly incorporate the new common header, footer, and design templates into their sites. Cascade also offers advanced features, such as publishing schedules and timed expiration of outdated content.

New site hierarchy/site map - The new web site will feature a new and easier to navigate site map. This new hierarchy will mean it will be easier to find the information you need.

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