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Living on Campus

Now that you have secured your enrollment, it's time to plan for "Your Home Away From Home". New freshmen are required to live on-campus for two years and often start out in smaller residence halls with one roommate, a community kitchen and lounges, and a floor full of potential new friends.

Residence halls operate on a "living and learning" concept.  As a student, you will be challenged to improve interpersonal skills as you learn to live peacefully and to interact with others from different cultural, regional, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

You will enjoy a healthy range of adult freedom, yet still have access to professional and student-trained staff to offer support, resources and activities.

Although you are required to live on-campus, you still need to complete a Housing Application, a Housing Agreement Meal Plan Selection and a Memorandum of Understanding form (for students under 18 years of age). These forms are necessary to complete your room assignment, your roommate assignment and ensure a smooth move-in process when you arrive on campus.

Reserve Your Room

Submit your Housing Application

Submit your Housing Agreement

Select and Submit a Meal Plan

Return all completed documents via:

Email to:
Fax to: 336-750-3377
Mail to: Housing and Residence Life
Winston-Salem State University
601 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
300 Thompson Center
Winston-Salem, NC 27110

your residence hall through the Housing Selection Module. The Housing Selection Process is first-come, first-serve. You cannot complete this step until you have accepted your offer of admission, submitted your housing application and paid your enrollment fee. You will be notified through your WSSU email when you are eligible to complete the Housing Selection process. The email will include instructions for completing the process.

NOTE: You will not be allowed to move into your residence hall if you have not met the immunization requirements.  Please refer to the Student Health Services section for more information on immunization requirements.

You will need several items to make your on-campus living experience comfortable and stress free.  What to Bring (Not to Bring) lets you know what is allowed in the residence halls. Many of these items would be great requests for high school graduation gifts. Take time to review these lists and enjoy your preparation for living on-campus!

To learn more about campus living, visit Housing and Residence Life.

For information about Drop and Run/ Move-in appointments, contact the Office of Housing and Resident Life at 336-750-3400.

Prior to Drop and Run you must:

■   Pay your $300 non-refundable enrollment fee in full (Freshmen only)
■   Submit an Immunization and Health History form and be in compliance will immunization requirements
■   Have your Final High School Transcript on file
■   Have your FAFSA on file and, if selected completed verification
■   Have received your housing assignment

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