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Now That You Are Here

The following tasks can be completed at anytime. 

  • Get your RAM Card
  • Register for RAMALERT
  • Get your computer certified for the WSSU network through Clean Access in Hill Hall

Get Your RAMCard

The RAMCard is your student ID card. It is used to enter residence halls, pay for dining meals and to access other campus resources.  The RAMCard office is located in Room 203 Thompson Center.

Sign-Up for RAMALERT

RAMALERT notifies you of any campus emergencies or threatening weather conditions.
Enter your Emergency Contact Information for the WSSU RAM ALERT systemTo receive both text and voice notifications, you must complete Step 6A and Step 6B.

Step 1 Click Banner Rams Online
Step 2 Click Enter Secure Area
Step 3 Click Personal Information
Step 4 Select Update Emergency Contacts
Step 5 Select New Contacts

Step 6A


To receive RAMALERT SMS/Text Messages -
Select  “Emergency Cell – Text” from the drop down box of the
Relationship field.  Enter your First & Last name
in the appropriate fields, and your cell number in the Telephone
field. Choose “Submit Changes”.

Step 6B

To receive RAMALERT VOICE MESSAGES - First repeat step 5,
then Select “Emergency Cell – Voice” from the drop down box of the
Relationship field. Enter your First & Last name in the appropriate fields,
and your mobile telephone number in the Telephone field.
Choose “Submit Changes”.

Note: When you first log into Banner RAMS Online, every 180 days, you will be prompted to register for RAMALERT. You only need to use the six steps above if you wish to register or update your information outside this timeframe.


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