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Winston-Salem State University has the Cleon F. Thompson, Jr. Student Services Center and the Donald Julian Reaves Student Activities Center (DJR). Traditionally "student centers" are better known as "student unions" and function as the "living room" of the University. We are excited about our new addition, The Donald Julian Reaves Student Activities Center, as it brings back the traditional atmosphere of the "student union". 

The Reaves Center is designed to be an energetic part of the University and facilitate the union of formal and informal educational programs. The Reaves Center will provide services, facilities, and programs for the development and enrichment of the university community through cooperation with the various departments within the University. We are committed to identifying and responding to the diverse needs and interest of the university community in creative and innovative ways.

The Student Centers Office features two unique facilities devoted to meeting the demanding responsibility of serving students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guest. This Office provides facilities, programs, services, leadership, and involvement opportunities that enhance the social, educational, recreational and cultural environment of Winston-Salem State University.

The Student Centers also feature a commuter's lounge, student government office, student organization office, food court, post office, game room, meditation room, bookstore, student dining hall, staff dining hall, multi-purpose rooms, conference rooms, the offices of Admissions, Financial Aid, Food Services, RAMCard Office, Registrar, Residence Life, Solutions Center, Student Accounts, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. For convenient access to the Centers explore our PassportParking options.

Cleon F. Thompson Center Donald J. Reaves Student Center
Cleon F. Thompson, Jr.
Student Service Center
Donald Julian Reaves (DJR)
Student Activities Center
The Student Centers Office
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