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Powered by high-energy music, challenging exercises, and motivating instructors, GroupX classes are designed to make your fitness goals easily attainable by giving you a fun and energizing workout.  Relieve your stress and refocus in Yoga.  Push your limits with Absolution and RamFit classes.  Dance your way to fitness with African Dance, Hip Hop or Zumba. All classes are mixed levels.  Need great cardio?  Check out the indoor and outdoor cycling options!

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Absolution: A 30 minute intense training session that challenges your core like never before! Want to strengthen your midsection? Your solution? Absolution!

African Dance: Learn the fundamentals of traditional West African dance and understand the accompanying drum rhythms.  Increase your cardio and tone your muscles as you embrace this full body workout. 

Braswell Cycling Class: Coach Braswell’s class is medium intensity cycling class that is great for beginners.  Build endurance and train your legs! Join Braswell and his old school music flavor as you feel the burn.  Go Brass!

Hip Hop Cycling: Get fired up for cycling like you've never seen it!  This upbeat cycling class has you riding to your favorite music.

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Hip Hop Dance: A high-energy dance form using the latest music mixed with movements that are influenced by some of today’s top video choreographers.  Join the Hip Hop dance craze and get fit your way through individual expression. 

Outdoor Cycling: Get out of the gym and enjoy some scenery, sun and speed.  Torch calories while sculpting a strong core, butt and legs, all with zero impact.  Weather permitting.

Power Yoga: Strengthen your body, improve your flexibility and balance while focusing your mind and relieving stress. Our exercise-based power yoga classes are taught to multiple levels and are sure to challenge even the toughest.

RamFit: A combination and series of strength and conditioning exercises that will challenge strength, stamina, agility, balance and flexibility.  Are you RamFit?

Zumba: Zumba fuses international beats with Latin flavor to create a high energy, total body dance workout.  

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