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UREC compliments many academic programs offered at WSSU and serves as a laboratory for unlimited educational endeavors. Through volunteering, field experience, internships, work-study, and campus jobs students receive practical hands-on learning. 

Opportunities include working in the fitness areas, teaching group fitness and becoming a personal trainer. Training is provided for each opportunity. Paid positions in the fitness areas are limited to current students. Exceptions may apply for group fitness instructors only. Non-student volunteers may apply. 

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Minimum Requirements for the Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Preparation Course:

Sophomore standing
30 hours of completed academic credit
2.5 Grade Point Average
50 hours of volunteer or paid work experience in University Recreation
First Aid and CPR Certification
Successful Audition
Successful Interview

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UREC will teach intensive training courses designed to start personal trainers and group fitness instructors on successful pathways toward fitness careers. These courses are designed for any student or member interested in becoming a Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor. Although a background in Exercise Science or a related field is helpful, it is not required for successful completion of a course. These training courses require a substantial time commitment from all participants. Both courses require practical hands-on training and practice.

These preparation courses are not for academic credit; however, the workload is equivalent to a 3 credit academic course. Participants are advised to be cognizant of other commitments when taking the course due to the significant amount of time required both inside and outside of class. Participation in the course does not guarantee passage of the certifying exam or hiring at WSSU.  

For more information contact the Associate Director at 336-750-3353.

Winston-Salem State University

601 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

Winston-Salem, NC 27110

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