Work-Study Employers

Federal Work Study Program Overview

On-Campus Work Study

The Federal Work-Study on-campus program places FWS students with WSSU Departments to earn their work-study dollars. Participating students will work directly for WSSU departments to gain valuable real-world work experience, and build professional development skills. Read more to better understand The Federal Work Study Program.

Off-Campus Community Service

The Federal Work-Study Community Service (FWSCS) program places FWS students with community service organizations to earn their work-study dollars.

Participating students will work directly for a partnering non-profit agency to gain valuable service-oriented experience and improve the quality of life for community residents and low-income individuals.

These unique work-study positions are designated to address issues such as: literacy training, social services, housing and neighborhood improvement, public safety, recreation, "at-risk" youth, community improvement, and arts education.

Register, Post, Hire

1. Register Your Organization - Placement sites must be registered in RamTRAK.
    Off-Campus agencies must also complete an annual agreement.

2. On-campus employers are encouraged to post all departmental (non-work-study) student
    employment opportunities via RamTRAK. WSSU students can view these job listings via
    RamTRAK on the Student Employment and Career Services websites. 

3. Interview and Hire Students - Hiring Procedures

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