Register Your Department or Agency

Placement sites MUST BE REGISTERED by completing an online registration form. CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE FORM. Off-campus agencies must also complete an annual Agreement.

Participating as a Worksite/FWS Employer

1. Identify ONE person to serve as your Student Employment Liaison (See requirements below)

2. Register Your Organization

3. Post Your Positions in RamTRAK
a. Click Here for a list of approved Job Descriptions

4. Interview and Hire Students
a. Print Hiring Forms (I-9, W-4, NC-4 forms)

Student Employment Liaison

We invite you to participate in this year's Student Employment Program. This year we would like to streamline the program by asking each department to identify ONE person to serve as a Student Employment Liaison (SEL). Serving in this capacity, you will play an integral role with ensuring the success of the program as we move forward.

We ask that the Student Employment Liaison assume the following duties:

1. Register your department or organization by CLICKING HERE

2. Serve as the primary point of contact for your work-study and temporary wage student employees.

3. Work within your respective departments to identify staffing needs (i.e. the number of students to advertise for and hire).

4. Posting and updating Work Study and/or Temporary Wage positions for your department.

5. Assign students to work within other areas of your department (See Examples below)

a. Campus Recreation may hire 20 students. The SEL for Campus Recreation will assign students to work in other areas managed by the department.

b. Enrollment Management may hire 30 students as Campus Ambassadors. The SEL will send students to work in other offices within Enrollment Management such as Admissions, Registrar, Financial Aid, and/or the Solutions Center.

**It would be ideal if your students rotated to work in all areas of your department**

6. Enter student's timesheets in to the Banner system.

Posting Departmental Jobs

Hiring Procedures

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