Hiring Procedures

FWSCS positions will be posted online via WSSU's RamTRAK job board. Students interested in one or more of the positions will apply to your organization online. The completed FWSCS student application is faxed to the community service agency. Students then call the community service agency contact to set up an interview. If the agency wishes to offer the student a position, the agency must send an email to the Student Employment Office stating the student name and position title.

Please note: Students MAY NOT work at your site until they complete the required University employment paperwork (I-9 Form, Federal and State Tax Forms) and the Student Employment Office has received an email from the supervisor confirming employment.

Steps Involved in Hiring FWSCS Student Employees

  1. Student completes FWS Orientation.
  2. Student reviews and applies for positions posted in RamTRAK.
  3. WSSU Departments or Off-Campus Agency receives student application by email.
  4. WSSU Department or Off-Campus Agency contacts student to arrange interview.
  5. If the student is offered a position, the WSSU Department or Agency completes the HIRING AUTHORIZATION FORM presented by the student.
  6. Student and WSSU Department or Off-Campus Agency agree on a work schedule.
  7. Student completes all necessary paperwork (I-9, Federal & State Tax, and Direct Deposit Forms) in Human Resources. HIRING AUTHORIZATION FORM sent to Financial Aid by HR.
  8. Student is ready to work!

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