Moore Hall Profile

Quick Facts

Established: 1962

Theme Housing:


Transfer Students

Facility Overview

Number of floors: 4
Number of rooms?  60
Capacity: 120
Elevator? No
Air Conditioning? Yes
Study Room(s)? Yes
Exercise Room? No
Kitchen Access? Kitchenette
Laundry Facilities? Yes
Furniture: Built In 

Campus Location:
North: Coltrane Hall
South : Old Nursing Building
West:  Atkins Hall
East: Track/Practice Fields

Moore Hall, constructed in 1962 is named for C. Beatrice Moore Ms. Moore served as Winston-Salem State University’s dietician.  A native of Lumberton, NC, Moore enrolled in Slater Industrial Academy and State Normal School (now WSSU) in 1920. She completed the normal training program in 1923, and was hired by the college to serve as the assistant director of Atkins Hall, a female residence facility. Moore later served as head matron and director of women's activities. In 1930, Moore decided to pursue a degree in home economics, and she enrolled in the home economics program at the college which in 1925 had become Winston-Salem Teachers College. Following her graduation in 1933, Moore was hired by her alma mater as the college dietician and she was later appointed acting dean of women. At the time of her retirement in 1963, Moore had served the college for forty years, thirty of which were as the college's dietician. Following retirement, Moore was a frequent visitor at cultural and social activities hosted by the college until her death in 1976.  Moore will be Co-Ed by floor in 2013 and house our Greek Housing Initiative and Transfer Student Population.

Room Configurations:

Moore Hall has four floors of double rooms with built in furniture and desks. Each student has a chest of drawers, under bed storage and an individual desk.

Hall Staff:



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