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Dr. Mamudu Yakubu
Professor - Chemistry
Department of Chemistry

(336) 750-2543

Mrs. Maria Gloria Ortiz

Administrative Support Associate
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Winston-Salem State University
601 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
W.B. Atkinson Science Bldg 311
Winston-Salem, NC 27110

Chemistry majors at WSSU benefit from a small department environment in which the faculty are committed to providing a high-quality undergraduate education. Every major works with a faculty advisor to select the courses that best fit his or her academic and career objectives. The WSSU chemistry department delivers education through high-quality instruction and research.

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Chemistry and BS in Chemistry (Biochemistry concentration) curricula are certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS). The Chemistry department houses an ACS Student Chapter. The certified degree entitles students to receive advanced standing in leading graduate school programs and additional professional opportunities. In addition, we offer flexible non-ACS certified BS degrees in Chemistry and Chemistry with Pre-Health focus for students interested in attending professional schools in medicine, dentistry or pharmacy. The Department also offers minor programs in chemistry and physics.

Most chemists are employed in industry. Others work in academic settings or for nonprofit and government agencies focusing primarily on issues of health and agriculture. Over half of all chemists engage in research activities, many combining teaching with research. Employment opportunities exist in market analysis, inspection and pharmaceutical and industrial sales. The federal government hires chemists at the bachelor's level for materials research, development of fuels, medicines, quality control and analytical procedures.

Winston-Salem State University

601 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

Winston-Salem, NC 27110

Phone: (336) 750-2000

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