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Programs of Study - Computer Science

Computer Science

The Computer Science major leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. This program gives the student a broad knowledge of computer science and the freedom to pursue areas of specific interest. Core courses provide foundations in programming and computer languages, the structure of data, computer architecture and the theory of computation and programming languages. Advanced courses provide depth and breadth in computer science. The student must follow one of two options of study: the applied option or the technical option. The option electives taken during the junior and senior years allow exploration of a second discipline or specific areas of computer science, such as data communications, artificial intelligence, database systems, graphics, simulation and modeling, or computing theory.

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Information Technology

The Information Technology major leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology. The Information Technology program provides a high quality applications-oriented undergraduate education in computer information technology as preparation for productive employment or graduate education.

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Certificate in Computer Programming

The Certificate in Computer Programming, a post-baccalaureate program, is designed for those wishing to make a career change to become computer programmers or computer applications developers. The certificate program is open only to individuals who have earned the BS or BA degree (in any field). The program is designed with scheduling flexibility to accommodate the needs of working adults.

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Master of Science in Computer Science & Information Technology

The overall goal of the Master's degree program in Computer Science and Information Technology is to provide master's level instruction in cutting edge computing technology. The program combines a traditional computer science core with applied courses in information technology and is designed to satisfy the post baccalaureate development of working professionals, offering most courses in the evening. This program develops a skill set for the application of computer technology resources to solve information problems, as well as communication and leadership skills.

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Minor in Computer Science

The computer science minor program serves students from all academic disciplines and seeks to provide computer literacy and competence to enhance career opportunities within one’s discipline. The computer science minor requires 19 hours of computer science beyond CSC 1306.

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