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The Educator Preparation Program (EPP) at Winston-Salem State University equips students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to work effectively with children in public and private P-12 settings. Consistent with the guidelines from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and the Council for Accreditation of Education Programs (CAEP), programs are designed to prepare professionals committed to working in collaboration with families and community partners.

Conceptual Framework: Winston-Salem State University is committed to the preparation of school personnel who effectively model social justice in a diverse 21st century learning community. As candidates evolve into teachers who model social justice for all students, they demonstrate the following Core Propositions:

• Teachers are committed to students and their learning.
• Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subject to students.
• Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning.
• Teachers think systematically about their practice and they learn from experience.
• Teachers are members of learning communities.
• Teachers are committed to and demonstrate social justice in their teaching, administration,
   and professional practice.

Educator Preparation Program Study Options:

• Bachelor of Science in Birth through Kindergarten Education
• Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
• Bachelor of Science in Teaching with the following concentrations:

· Special Education/General Curriculum
· Middle Grades Education
· Secondary Mathematics Education
· Secondary English Education

• Bachelor of Arts in Music Education – Licensure
• Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education – Teacher Education
• English as a Second Language/Applied Linguistics – Licensure only
• Master of Arts in Teaching with the following concentrations:

· Middle Grades Education
· Special Education/General Curriculum

Birth through Kindergarten Education

It is the mission of the Birth-Kindergarten Education Program to prepare prospective educators with the knowledge, skills, and disposition to work with typical and atypical children, ages birth through five years, in a variety of settings, such as public schools, developmental centers, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, day-care agencies, infant, and nursery schools, and other agencies serving children and families. Consistent with the guidelines from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and NCATE, the program is designed to prepare professionals committed to working in collaboration with families and other partners serving children and families.

Course Descriptions: 2016 -2017

Elementary Education

The Elementary Education Program links faculty and students directly to schools through field experiences, student teaching, consultations, and research. The skills of teaching, curriculum development, leadership, and supervision are developed in these various settings. Practical and theoretical views of educational programs and resources allow the program to maintain a close working relationship with other programs, departments, and divisions at Winston-Salem State University.

Course Descriptions: 2016 -2017

Teaching with Concentrations in

Middle Grades Education

The mission of the Middle Grades Education concentration is the preparation of highly qualified grades 6-9 classroom teachers who demonstrate leadership, know their content/subject areas, facilitate learning for all students, reflect on their practice, establish a respectful environment for a diverse population of students, promote equity among all learners, and address challenges of 21st century teaching and learning with creativity and respect for human differences.

Course Descriptions: 2016 -2017

Mathematics - Secondary Education

The Mathematics - Secondary Education concentration prepares candidates to teach 9-12 high school mathematics. Candidates who successfully complete the program will be recommended to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction for an initial teaching license. There is a great demand in the state, and throughout the nation, for mathematics teachers. With a renewed focus on mathematics and science in our nation, highly qualified candidates of this program will play a vital role in shaping tomorrow’s education. As our school communities become increasingly diverse, mathematics teachers will play a significant role in addressing the needs of underserved and exceptional students.

Course Descriptions: 2016 -2017

English - Secondary Education

The English - Secondary Education (grades 9-12) degree concentration prepares teacher candidates who the right knowledge, skills and dispositions to effectively teach English in secondary schools. The program gives more emphasis to the professional education core and pedagogy and is designed to provide a study of language, including acquisition of language, dialect, levels of usage, semantics, grammatical analysis, and the nature and development of language.

Course Descriptions: 2016 -2017

Special Education: General Curriculum

The mission of the Special Education: General Curriculum concentration is to produce graduates who have a profound knowledge of teaching students with disabilities. Candidates enrolled in the program will be prepared to provide research-validated instruction and behavior supports to assist students who are enrolled in the North Carolina Standard Course of Study Curriculum. The goals of the Special Education: General Curriculum program are to offer a program designed to help candidates (1) provide intensive and explicit individual and small group instruction for students who are performing below grade level; (2) plan and maintain positive behavior supports for students with disabilities; (3)collaborate with general education teachers to help maintain students with disabilities at grade level in the standard curriculum;(4) provide leadership in implementing special education procedures and policies; and special education consultation with general education teachers, parents and other professionals.

Course Descriptions: 2016 -2017

Master of Arts in Teaching

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is a 33-39-credit graduate program that designed primarily for individuals with a non-teaching bachelor’s degree, who are interested in the areas of Middle Grades Education (MGE), Special Education (SPE) or Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). Students who complete the MAT internship may qualify for a teacher’s license in Middle Grades Education (English/language arts, science, or mathematics) or in Special Education (General Curriculum).

Course Descriptions 2016 - 2017

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