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Alumni Building

Alumni Building

Alumni Building

Construction Date: 1918

In 1918, Slater Industrial Academy graduate John H. Smith, with the help of current students of the school, constructed this two-story brick structure. It was originally was known as the Science Building and Hall of Practical Arts. Following the incorporation of Home Economics as a separate department with its own curriculum, the building became known as the Home Economics Building, as the second floor was devoted entirely to the practice house facilities.

In 1953, the building was completely remodeled, with the college's alumni association being housed on the top and main floors of the building. The ground floor housed a canteen, college bookstore, and a 1000-mailbox post office. In addition to housing the Alumni Association's offices, lounge, conference rooms, and library on the main floor, the deans of men and women were also headquartered here. On May 23, 1953, the building was dedicated as the Alumni and Public Relations Building.

From the mid-1970's through the 1980's, this building housed the Admissions Office, the copy center, and the Office of Public Affairs. It was used as the home for the Office of Student Affairs from the mid-1990's until October 2002, when it was razed to make room for the pedestrian mall.

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