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Bickett Hall

Bickett Hall

Bickett Hall

Construction Date: 1921

Named For: Thomas Walter Bickett

Bickett Hall was constructed in 1921 as a part of the wood-framed Slater School Hospital Building, where it served as the boys' dormitory. In 1923, the wooden frame part was demolished and an additional wing was added. In 1952, another addition was added to the original structure, but all of Bickett Hall was demolished in 1995 to make room for the Thompson Center.

Bickett Hall is named for Thomas Walter Bickett. Born in 1869, in the small town of Monroe, North Carolina, to Thomas Winchester and Mary Covington Bickett, he was the eldest of four children. After graduating from Wake Forest College in 1890, he taught public school in Marion and later in Winston-Salem. Two years later he enrolled in law school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and in 1893 he was admitted to the bar.

Bickett's political career began in 1907 when he was elected to represent Franklin County in State House. In 1908 he was elected attorney general of North Carolina and then governor of N.C. in 1917. In these capacities, Bickett aided in appropriating funding for Slater Industrial Academy and State Normal School. After retiring as governor in January of 1921, he purchased a home in Raleigh and formed a new law office with Attorney General James S. Manning and Garland S. Ferguson, Jr. Less than a year later, Bickett died at the age of fifty-two.

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